Published: 4th February 2011

BBFC App for iPhone and iPod Touch

The BBFC now has a free App for iPhone® and iPod touch® which lets you check out the latest film and DVD classification decisions from the BBFC.

The App works whether you are at home, at the cinema or out and about, and gives you access to the classification, running time and detailed information about why the film or DVD you are thinking of seeing or buying got the classification it did. All film classification decisions come with Extended Classification Information (ECI) which, in the case of cinema films, goes up 10 days before the film opens.  This explains the issues and plot points in any film, enabling you to make informed decisions about what you or your family watch.  The App lets you check out this information, wherever you are, before making those viewing choices. When updated, the latest classification information is stored on your device making it fully accessible regardless of where you are and even if you are unable to get a signal.

The BBFC App works with iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPhone 3G and iPod touch. To download the App, search for "BBFC" in the Apple App Store or click on the link below to open the App Store directly.