Published: 24th March 2022

Round-up of some of the International Feature nominees at the 2022 Oscars

Here’s a few of the films nominated in the International Feature category, ahead of this year's prestigious Oscars.

The winner will be revealed at the 94th Academy Awards ceremony, taking place on Sunday 27 March. To find out where you can stream, buy or rent these films, check out Find Any Film.

Drive My Car

strong sex

Drive My Car is a Japanese drama film in which a bereaved stage actor befriends his young driver.


There are strong scenes of sex with occasional rear nudity. Moderate sex references include ones to masturbation, orgasms and adultery. There is natural breast nudity.

Actors rehearse a scene from a play which involves moderate gun threat and shooting, but there are no realistic injuries. There are infrequent non-graphic references to domestic abuse and to sexual violence. Other issues include a brief car crash scene without visible injury, mild scenes of bereavement, and brief mild references to miscarriage, mental illness and suicide.


infrequent images of real dead bodies, sexual threat

Flee is an animated documentary film in which a man recounts his experiences of escaping from Afghanistan to Denmark as a child refugee.

injury detail

There is brief live-action footage of real warfare, including sight of people with bloody injuries and of a dead body lying in a large pool of blood.

sexual violence and sexual threat

A flashback scene shows male police officers climbing into the back of a van where a young woman is restrained; it is implied that the men then subject her to sexual violence, but this occurs entirely off screen.

A man recounts his harrowing experiences of attempting to reach Northern Europe as a child refugee, including a dangerous sea crossing, police violence, and threats of violence from human traffickers. There is infrequent use of strong language (‘f**k’); milder terms include ‘piss’, ‘bastard’ and ‘damn’. There are infrequent moderate references to homophobia, but discrimination is not condoned. There are also brief references to a man’s boyfriend having threatened to report the man’s illegal immigration status to police.

The Hand Of God

strong language, sex, domestic abuse

The Hand of God is an Italian drama in which a teenage boy comes of age amidst the tumultuous lives of his family and their social circle in 1980s Naples.


There is strong language ('f**k'), as well as milder terms such as 'whore', 'bitch', 'pussy', 'crap', 'piss', 'shit', 'asshole', 'balls', 'Jesus', 'butt', 'hell' and 'damn'.


A scene of strong sex which begins with an older woman asking a young man to comb her pubic hair, features thrusting and buttock nudity, but no graphic detail. There are also moderate sex references.


A woman is struck in the face by her jealous husband which causes her to fall and bloodies her nose. There are subsequent references to domestic abuse.


A woman is struck in the face by her jealous husband which causes her to fall and bloodies her nose. There are subsequent references to domestic abuse.

There is fleeting, undetailed sight of drug misuse as a couple snort cocaine. There is brief sexual harassment as a man gropes a woman's buttock over her dress, as well as other demonstrations of sexist attitudes directed at women. There is full frontal nudity outside directly sexual contexts. There are references to miscarriage. There is moderate rude humour. There are references to mental illness. There is moderate violence which is infrequent and undetailed. A man's altered speech after throat surgery becomes the subject of humour, but without malice.

The Worst Person In The World

drug misuse, strong sex, sex references

The Worst Person In The World is a Norwegian drama in which a woman seeks to find her place in the world through her relationships and career.


A group of friends eat magic mushrooms, and a woman's drug trip is depicted in the scene that follows. During the scene, she hallucinates several hands touching her naked body, with on-screen sight of breast nudity. In the same scene she imagines pulling a tampon from her vagina and throwing it at a man's face; she then smears some menstrual blood on her own face. Drug misuse is not glamourised by the film.


Scenes of strong sex include implied oral sex, and buttock nudity. There are also strong sex references, including a detailed description of fellatio. After a sex scene there is brief sight of a man's flaccid penis.

The film features infrequent strong language ('f**k'). There are also undetailed references to sexual violence. There are references to illness and bereavement.

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