Films to watch this Halloween

Halloween is the perfect time to sit down and watch all of your favourite scary movies. That’s why we’ve put together a selection of films ranging from spooky, to downright terrifying. The list goes all the way from U to 18, meaning you can choose a film that's right for you, whether you’re after a fright with your friends, or a family night in this Halloween.

It’s the Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown

Contains no material likely to offend or harm

It’s The Great Pumpkin, Charlie Brown is an animated tv special in which the Peanuts gang celebrates Halloween while Linus waits for the Great Pumpkin to arrive.

Room On The Broom

Contains no material likely to offend or harm

Room On The Broom is a children's animated drama in which a witch and her cat go on a flying broomstick ride.

Monsters, Inc. 

Contains mild comic violence

Monsters, Inc. is an animated adventure in which monsters need to collect children's screams to power their world, but when two monsters befriend a lost human child they try to get her safely home.


In one scene the villain turns invisible and starts hitting a hero monster, but to onlookers he appears to be comically jerking around.

threat and horror

There are scenes in which colourful monsters 'scare' children, but these moments are not intended to actually scare young viewers. Chase sequences place an emphasis on excitement and humour rather than threat, and while the child character is occasionally scared of the villain the heroes are there to protect and comfort her. In a couple of sequences, characters are threatened as they are put into the seat of a machine which tries to extract their screams by sucking them out through their mouths, but human girl is quickly saved when confronted with the machine.


There are a few uses of very mild terms such as 'jerk'.

rude humour

There are as few moments of rude humour, including when a monster has its hair shaved off, leaving it 'nude', and when a character misunderstands why a snow cone is yellow.

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

very mild bad language, comic scary scenes​​​​​​​

Wallace & Gromit: The Curse Of The Were-Rabbit is an animated comedy in which the eponymous heroes must save a village which is being overrun by rabbits.


Any violence is slapstick in style and nobody is harmed. Even when a character appears to be about to die, he is quickly revived.

threat and horror

There are a number of comic scary scenes, although these are brief and balanced by reassuring humour. The 'were-rabbit' itself only threatens vegetables. There are some mild action sequences, including sight of a villain wielding a gun.


The film contains infrequent very mild bad language, some of which results from wordplay. This includes a policeman making a joke about arson ("This was arson, one of you lot arson around") and a comic use of "Kiss my artichoke". At one point a character says "What the f...", but the word stops after the initial 'f' sound.


There are a few moments of mild sexual innuendo, including women holding round vegetables in front of their breasts, but these are entirely comic and silly.

rude humour

There is some mild rude humour, including belching.


There is comic sight of buttock nudity and a scene in which a man's apparent nudity is concealed behind a box saying "May contain nuts".

alcohol and tobacco

Characters are seen holding pipes.

Hocus Pocus

mild scary scenes, violence, sex references

Hocus Pocus is a 1993 fantasy comedy in which three witches return to Salem three hundred years after their execution.


There are brief scenes of comic violence, including a scene in which a zombie's fingers are severed, and another in which a talking cat is run over but subsequently makes a full and rapid recovery. There is a brief hanging scene in which three women are executed in the 17th century; detail is limited.

threat and horror

A young girl is briefly menaced by witches. A zombie arises from a grave and briefly menaces a group of children. A zombie uses a knife to unstitch his mouth. There are also scenes in which children and teenagers are lured to the witches' house by supernatural means.


There are undetailed references to virgins.

There are infrequent scenes of smoking. There is also some very mild bad language (for example, 'trollop', 'moron', 'jerk', 'damn', 'God', 'stuff it', 'hell').


mild threat, rude humour, language

Scoob! is a US animated adventure in which Scooby and the gang must foil a plot to unleash the powers of the underworld.

threat and horror

There are scenes of threat in which Scooby and the gang are pursued by villains, ghosts and robots, accompanied, at times, by mild gun threat. Such sequences are frequently broken up by humour and with the heroes never coming to any harm.


There is mild bad language such as 'crap', as well as milder terms including 'butt', 'Jeez' and 'moron'. A man refers to using ‘F-bombs’, but it quickly turns out that he means superhero weapons called ‘Falcon bombs’.

rude humour

Suggestive humour includes a joke about mistaking Tinder for an app that delivers firewood, as well as Fred referring to "mixed feelings" after a person he was flirting with is revealed to be a man in disguise.

There are scenes of very mild violence, usually involving robots, which are largely comic in tone.

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride

Contains mild scary scenes

Tim Burton’s Corpse Bride is an animated musical horror in which a young man accidentally marries a reanimated corpse.

threat and horror

There are occasional scenes of mild horror, although these are presented as morbidly fun rather than frightening. Examples include a corpse whose eye repeatedly drops out of its socket, and friendly ghosts and skeletons who reveal the manners of their death, such as swords protruding from their chests. Although there are brief 'jump moments', the horror imagery is balanced with humour and songs.

The Addams Family

mild comic threat, language

​​​​​​​The Addams Family is an animated comedy in which a family of ghouls move into a new neighbourhood.


There are mild comic scares and threat, with the members of the ghoulish family firing crossbow bolts into each other, playing with explosive devices, being taunted by a ghost who resents their presence in the house he haunted alone and who tries to behead one of them with a window, and being attacked by a mob of humans carrying torches and pitchforks. No-one comes to harm and the threat is played strictly for laughs. In other scenes, the family matriarch uses funeral ashes for make-up and a sister buries her brother alive.


There is mild bad language comprising a use of ‘pimp’ in the lyric of a song, but this has no sexual connotation. Very mild bad language includes uses of ‘God’.

The familiar Addams Family figure of a disembodied hand looks at pictures of feet on a laptop, and other examples of very mild rude humour includes the use of a magic spell which causes men’s trousers to fall down, and a woman who refrigerates her underwear.

The House With A Clock In Its Walls

moderate threat, scary scenes

The House With A Clock In Its Walls is a fantasy adventure film in which an orphaned boy must help his warlock uncle uncover the mystery of the ticking clock hidden in his gothic mansion.

Threat and horror

Scary scenes include one in which a man is raised from the dead using 'blood magic' and a flashback sequence during which he is seen to make a pact with a demon. There are various scenes in which the heroes are menaced by scary supernatural creatures including sinister puppets and slime-spitting pumpkins.

Other issues include rude humour, occasional mild violence and very mild bad language.


Contains moderate sex references

Ghostbusters is a comedy about a group of research scientists who go into business together hunting down ghosts and poltergeists in New York City.


There is a sequence in which a more threatening ghost grabs a character and appears to eat them, although what happens is not shown.

Threat and horror

There are a number of scary scenes in which people are threatened by ghosts. However, any sense of horror is broken up by the comic remarks of the Ghostbusters and by the lack of harm caused. For example, when ghosts attack, they often leave a green substance behind rather than cause physical harm.


There is some use of mild bad language, including 'shit', 'piss' and 'dick'.


There are a few moments of sexual humour that parents might want to be aware of. In one scene, the zipper on a man's trousers is pulled down by an invisible ghostly figure, after which the expression on the man's face suggests something sexual is happening. In another scene, a possessed woman tells a man she wants him 'inside' her.


moderate horror, sex and suicide references, infrequent strong language

Beetlejuice is a US horror comedy, from 1988, in which a recently deceased couple engage the services of a maniacal spirit to rid their former home of its new owners.

threat and horror

Moderate horror includes sight of a spectral woman pulling off her face to reveal her skull and dangling eyeballs, and a scene in which a dead woman holds her decapitated head in one hand and a bloody knife in the other. Grotesque characters talk about the ways in which they died.


There is infrequent strong language (‘f**k’).


Moderate sex references include a scene in which women flash their cleavage outside a building emblazoned with a “Girls. Girls. Girls.” sign, and verbal references to "weird sex" and a whorehouse.


A dead woman is seen with scars on her wrist. There is a scene in which a dead woman pretends to hang from a noose. A teenage girl writes a suicide note, although this is undetailed. There are also passing verbal references to suicide.

The Others

contains moderate horror

​​​​​​​The Others is a gothic horror film about a woman, and her two photosensitive children, who begin to suspect that their large deserted mansion may be haunted.

threat and horror

There are scenes of psychological horror and threat as a woman begins to see and hear supernatural apparitions. The scenes are intense and scary but they are not particularly sustained. Occasionally, the threat is directed at children, and in one scene a mother imagines her daughter as such an apparition and strikes her.


There are upsetting moments around the deterioration of a woman's mental health, and in references to death, suicide and infanticide.

There is very mild bad language (‘damn’, ‘God’).


strong threat, violence, nudity

Halloween is a horror thriller, from 1978, in which a young woman is terrorised by a knife-wielding killer.


Strong violence includes stabbings, stranglings and shootings, as well as the implied killing of a dog. There is also defensive violence such as a woman stabbing her attacker with a knitting needle and a wire hanger in attempts to fend him off. Although the violence is relatively undetailed, and with only occasional bloody injury, the killer's relentlessness gives it an intense edge.

threat and horror

There is strong threat as the killer stalks his victims, making sudden appearances behind them and then disappearing from sight. One intended victim is chased through a house and hides in a closet, cowering in terror as the killer attempts to batter through the doors. A woman is attacked in her car but manages to escape. The threat is sometimes sustained and accompanied by sudden 'jump' scares.


Strong nudity includes shots of women's breasts.

There is scene of moderate sex, as well as occasional moderate sex references. Two women smoke a marijuana joint in a car. Mild bad language includes uses 'asshole', 'ass', 'shit', 'screw around', 'jerk', 'damn', 'God' and 'Jesus'.


strong horror, violence, language

IT is a US horror in which a group of young friends must defeat the evil force that preys on the children of their town.


Violence includes fistfights and bloody stabbings. In one scene, a bully carves his initial into a child's stomach.

threat and horror

Scenes of horror include sustained threat from monsters, including a killer clown. There are intense sequences in which children are chased and murdered.


There is strong language, including uses of 'f**k' and 'motherf**ker'.


There are some moderate verbal sexual references, usually in joking or taunting between teenage characters.


There is some use of discriminatory terms, including 'faggot', in a bullying context.

injury detail

There is sight of blood and injury in the aftermath of violence, as well as some sight of gore, including severed body parts.


It is suggested that a girl's father is abusing her, physically and perhaps sexually, although this is discretely handled. There are scenes of bullying involving teenage characters.

alcohol and tobacco

A girl holds a cigarette.

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark

scenes of sustained horror

Scary Stories To Tell In The Dark is a US horror film in which a group of teenagers unleash a vengeful spirit after discovering a book of ghost stories.

threat and horror

Scary stories come to life and teenagers are chased by horrific creatures. This includes a scene in which a teenager is followed by a scarecrow and another scene in which a teenager attempts to hide from a woman zombie.

A scene of brief violence shows a boy being stabbed through the chest with a pitchfork. There are also moderate sex references including a reference to one of the teenagers "losing a stiffy". There are undetailed references to a woman hanging herself, and use of mild bad language ('shit', 'ass', 'pissed', 'asshole', 'freaking', 'douchebag').

The Blair Witch Project

Contains strong language and moderate horror

The Blair Witch Project is a US horror film in which three student documentary filmmakers enter a forest said to be haunted by a witch.

threat and horror

Strong threat occurs throughout, including scenes implying supernatural occurrences. In one scene a character discovers bloody human entrails wrapped in a missing character's clothes.


There is frequent use of strong language ('f**k').


strong bloody violence

Scream is a horror film about a group of friends who are stalked and terrorised by a masked murderer intent on killing them.


There are frequent scenes of strong bloody violence in which people are killed after being terrorised, stalked and chased by a masked figure wielding a large knife. Most of the killings involve characters getting stabbed, shot or having their throat slashed with strong bloody detail. There is a scene in which a character attempts to crawl through a cat flap and has her head decapitated by a garage door.

There are uses of strong language including 'f**k' and 'motherf**ker'.

All Hallows’ Eve

strong bloody violence, strong gore, very strong language

All Hallows' Eve is a US horror film about what happens when a babysitter watches a mysterious videotape on Halloween.


Strong bloody violence includes a killer dismembering his victim, using a saw to remove the head, and someone being stabbed in the eye with a scalpel.


Very strong language, as the word 'c**t' is shown carved into a victim's flesh, as well as frequent strong language ('f**k').

injury detail

Strong gore includes several scenes where bloody dismembered body parts and heads are shown, including those of child victims, and a sequence where a woman is kidnapped and wakes up to discover that her limbs have been removed and the words 'pig', 'slut', 'bitch' and 'c**t' have been bloodily carved into her naked torso.

Strong psychological threat throughout as various characters are chased by the killer.

The Exorcist

Contains very strong language, strong threat and supernatural horror

The Exorcist is a US horror film in which a young girl is possessed by a demon.


There are verbal references to violence. A demonic spirit causes people to behave in a violent manner, and a man leaps to his death.

threat and horror

Sustained scenes of horror, largely set in a family home, feature a young girl behaving in increasingly abnormal and sinister ways. Scenes focus on the pain and distress of the girl and her mother. The possession also results in disturbing and violent acts. There are occasional jump scares. During some sequences, a girl undergoes medical tests which are presented as distressing and painful.


There is use of very strong language ('c**t') and strong language ('f**k', 'c**ksucker', 'motherf**ker'), including by a possessed young girl.


There are occasional strong sex references, including to oral and anal sex, and sexualised uses of strong language ('f**k'). These are primarily spoken by the possessed girl.

sexual violence and sexual threat

Under the possession of a demonic spirit, a young girl thrusts a crucifix between her legs resulting in sight of blood. She then attempts to force her mother's head between her legs in an allusion to oral sex.

injury detail

There is occasional sight of blood and injury detail.

A Nightmare On Elm Street

Contains strong sadistic horror and bloody violence

A Nightmare On Elm Street is Wes Craven's horror slasher from 1985, featuring the first appearance of Freddy Krueger.


In one scene, Krueger attacks a young woman in her dreams, cutting her stomach open before she is thrown around her room covered in blood. In another scene a young man is sucked into a hole in his bed, a huge fountain of blood spraying up as he is ejected out of it.

The film also contains four uses of strong language ('f**k').