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I AM LEGEND [Re-edited version]

I AM LEGEND <span>[Re-edited version]</span> artwork

I AM LEGEND [Re-edited version]

Type of media Video

Approved Running time 99m 33s

Ratings Info Contains strong violence and horror

Director(s) Francis Lawrence

Cast includes Will Smith, Paradox Pollack, Salli Richardson, Dash Mihok, Alice Braga, Sterling Wolfe, Charlie Tahan

Cut This work was passed uncut.

  • Suitable only for 15 years and over icon15

Ratings info

Ratings info publication date 18/03/2015

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

I AM LEGEND is a down-beat science fiction thriller about a scientist who is the only survivor in post-apocalyptic New York which has become overrun by zombie-like mutant humans.


There is sustained threat as the hero is pursued and attacked by mutant humans. The hero shoots, blows up and mows down the mutant humans in his car. The action includes fleeting shadowy images of blood pools and blood spray on a wall in a dark abandoned building; suggestion of the mutants chomping on a victim; impressions of the hero stabbing a mutant with a screwdriver and a stab injury to the leg as the hero falls. The film has a fantastical setting and the violence is generally without graphic detail.

There is a dark tone throughout, with a lack of reassuring outcome. The film also features dramatised sequences of a lioness capturing a deer, a dog being attacked, and animal death.


Title Information
Re-edited version
Warner Home Video Ltd
Classified date(s)
Main language
Submitted run time
99m 33s
BBFC reference

Components List

This work is made up of a number of separate components. Note that since February 2001 the BBFC has measured each component separately, but older works may not have the exact details, only a list of titles


Rating information

The version of this work detailed above is rated by the BBFC under the Video Recordings Act 1984 for use on any Packaged Media format (including DVD, Blu-ray and VHS). This classification may also be used when the same work is made available on Digital Video Platforms (including Video On Demand) provided that the platform is licenced to use BBFC ratings.

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