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EXCISION artwork


Type of media Film

Approved Running time 80m 56s

Release date 02/11/2012

Ratings Info Contains very strong language, strong gory images, strong sex and nudity

Genre(s) Drama

Director(s) Richard Bates,Jr.

Cast includes AnnaLynne McCord, Traci Lords, Roger Bart, Malcolm McDowell, Ariel Winter, Marlee Matlin

Cut This work was passed uncut.

  • Suitable only for adults icon18

Ratings info

Ratings info publication date 23/10/2012

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

EXCISION is a drama about a young woman's descent into madness.


There is frequent use of strong language ('f**k'), as well as a spoken use and a visual use of very strong language ('c**t') when the main character overhears two people debating the spelling of the word. The very strong language is subsequently seen sprayed on a garage door.


The young woman suffers from recurring nightmares and hallucinatory daydreams that feature gore and some sexual images. In an early scene the woman imagines herself sitting opposite an identical twin who vomits blood down her white dress. Later a woman is seen climbing into a blood-filled bath that is surrounded by partly naked women. In a further scene we see a woman pulling a bloody foetus from underneath a bloody gown and then handing it to a man who places it in an oven. Later, a scene of real violence occurs during which a woman performs amateur surgery on two young girls, with sight of internal organs being removed from their bodies.


At one point a woman has sex with a man, riding on top of him. He then performs oral sex on the woman, only to let out a howl and run to the bathroom with menstrual blood on his face. This sequence also includes a fantasy element during which the pair become drenched in blood from the man's body, although the origin of the blood is never made clear.

In another scene, a character is seen carving a cross into her forearm. The wound is gory and is shown closely as she peels away the skin.


Bounty Films
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80m 56s
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