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ALL STARS (2013)

ALL STARS <span>(2013)</span> artwork

ALL STARS (2013)

Type Feature

Approx. Running minutes 106

Release dates 03/05/2013

Ratings Info mild violence, very mild bad language

Genre(s) Music, Drama, Comedy

Director(s) Ben Gregor

Cast includes Theo Stevenson, Ashley Jensen, Kimberley Walsh, Kevin Bishop, Mark Heap

Cut All known versions of this work passed uncut.

  • Suitable for all iconU

Ratings info

Ratings info publication date 23/04/2013

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

ALL STARS is a comedy drama about a group of children who put on a dance show in order to save a youth centre that is being threatened with closure.


One of the characters practices martial arts and she is shown during training bouts delivering blows and kicks that knock her opponents over. There is no detail and these moments are played for comic effect.

In one scene, a boy takes part in a dance sequence in which he is faced by other dancers who are dressed as Samurai warriors carrying weapons made out of paper. The action plays as stylised 'pretend' fighting.

Another scene features a more realistic fight between two boys, which starts when one of them makes a hurtful comment about the other's father. There is some pushing around and then the boy who made the comment delivers a punch to his rival's face. The impact is not shown in detail and the force of the blow is only indicated by a sound effect. The boy who is hit is left with only a small scratch on his cheek.


The film contains a single use of 'crappy', as well as a few uses of 'God' and 'hell'.



DVD, Cinema, 3D Cinema
Vertigo Distribution Ltd,Entertainment One UK
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Note to parents
Some versions of this film are displayed in the 3D or IMAX format and some younger children may find them a more intense experience

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