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Parentport has brought you to the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC), an independent, private, not for profit company which classifies films, videos, DVDs and certain video games, advertisements and trailers.

The BBFC is accountable to Parliament and operates trusted classification regimes, based on years of expertise and published Guidelines which reflect public opinion.

How to make a complaint

If you are a member of the public and you wish to raise an issue with us about any cinema film, cinema trailer, cinema advertisement, video or video game you have seen, you should do so in writing, either by sending an email to: or by writing to:  The Director, BBFC, 3 Soho Square, London W1D 3HD.  You will receive an individual written reply.

There are some matters which the BBFC cannot deal with.

  • We have no control over the pricing of either cinema tickets or refreshments.  Complaints about these matters should be directed to the manager of the cinema.
  • We do not make films and so cannot deal with complaints about the quality of the film.
  • We do not regulate television so any complaints should be directed to Ofcom, the television regulator, even if it is about a film seen on television.
  • We have no control over which film trailers and advertisements are shown before any particular film at the cinema.  Trailers and advertisements should be of the same category as the main feature, or lower.  If you are complaining about a trailer or advertisement which is of a higher category than the main feature you should complain to the cinema manager or cinema head office.
  • Videos marked with the E (for exempt) symbol have not been classified by the BBFC.  Videos which are designed to educate, inform or instruct or which are concerned with music, sport or religion are exempt from classification unless they contain certain extreme content.

If you have a more general enquiry relating to the work of the BBFC you might find the answer in our Frequently Asked Questions. If you are interested in a particular film you can search our website using the search bar above.

Information for parents

The BBFC website provides detailed content information tailored specifically for parents and guardians called Ratings info. It is designed for adults who want a more detailed understanding of the issues they are likely to find in a film or DVD before they allow a child to see or play it. 

A BBFC app is also available to download for free by searching for ‘BBFC’ on the App Store. The app gives instant access to rating information and Ratings info for both recent and passed film and video works.

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