Using DVD and Cinema age ratings for VOD

BBFC age ratings are issued according to their intended use at the point of submission as this can affect the final age category issued. For this reason, age ratings made for theatrical submissions cannot be used when the work is released on Home Entertainment formats such as DVD, Blu-ray and VOD.

We recommend that content owners releasing works on VOD/Digital Video services familiarise themselves with the information below to see where any existing BBFC age ratings for these titles can be used.

BBFC age ratings for DVD, Blu-ray and VHS works

Any age rating issued by the BBFC for a work on DVD, Blu-ray or VHS can be used when the identical work is released on any Digital Service that has been licensed to use BBFC age ratings.

Some Digital Video Services are not licensed to display our age ratings, however these services may still request proof of your BBFC age rating when you submit your title to them.

BBFC age ratings for Cinema

BBFC age ratings issued for UK cinema releases cannot be used by VOD/Digital Video services. These works will receive a complimentary digital age rating when the work is passed by the BBFC on DVD or Blu-ray.

You can also submit them for a Video-on-Demand digital age rating.

VOD/Digital Video Service premieres/Direct-to-VOD

If your work premieres on VOD before its DVD or Blu-ray release, or is released exclusively for Digital Video Services, it can be submitted to the BBFC for a cost-effective digital-only age rating.