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Customer news

Recent customer service announcements are listed here.  

If you have any questions please contact the Customer Helpline at or on 020 7440 0299.


Seamless branching update


In light of experience over the past months, we have reviewed the requirements relating to the submission of works containing the facility for 'seamless branching' and have concluded that a slight relaxation is possible..

BBFC To Accept Digital Film Trailer Submissions By Download


On October 28th 2008 I issued a mailshot clarifying how film works should be submitted to the BBFC. Following feedback from the industry, I am pleased to inform our film customers of a further submission route available for digital film trailers only.

Clarification of Film Submission Formats to BBFC


On 24 September we informed the Board's film customers that we can accept digital submissions; this now extends to digital 3D also. BBFC policy has always been that we view features and trailers in their final form in the format for public exhibition. Having relaxed this policy during the period...

BBFC To Supply Electronic Black Cards For Film Works


In response to customer demand; from 13th October 2008, the BBFC will provide the film 'black card' electronically. Customers will benefit from increased efficiency as the image will be available almost instantly following category approval. Additionally, with the image being emailed, your...

BBFC Announces New Digital Cinema Facility


In response to growing industry demand, the BBFC is very pleased to announce that from the 1st August 2008 we will accept digital film submissions. Additionally, in the next couple of months, we aim to have 3D capability. Below are a number of questions and answers that should help guide the Board...

Update to BBFC major service improvements


The Board recently contacted its customers with details of various major service improvements, which were brought in alongside the newly designed DVD submission form for video features and trailers. In order to ensure that your work is being processed as you intend, the Board will place a...

New flexibility regarding previously classified video works


Following fresh legal advice and consultation with the Department for Culture, Media and Sport, the BBFC is happy to be able to introduce new flexibility with regard to previously classified video works. In the past, any new video submission which was identical to a previously classified video...

BBFC Major service Improvements


The BBFC is pleased to announce four major improvements to our service: acceptance of submissions on Blu-ray; customer selection of elements to be classified; classification of all works created by seamless branching; and improved extranet and website title displays. These improvements have...