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Introducing Single Asset Classification (SAC)

Date 27/09/2012

Following a successful trial with 5 industry partners, I am pleased to announce the introduction of a new process for submitting works to the BBFC called Single Asset Classification (SAC). SAC will go live on Monday 1st October 2012. The SAC process provides new functionality for video submissions and lays the foundation stone for the BBFC to accept digital files for VRA classification in 2013. It also offers some short term advantages when submitting DVD/Blu-ray works.

Using the extranet facility, the new video workflow will allow you to optionally submit multiple works for classification as part of the same submission and on the same physical media. We have aimed to introduce this new functionality with minimal disruption to the existing process. When creating a video submission online, you will be presented with an empty “Submission List” which, much like an online shopping cart, allows you to add the desired works to be submitted for classification. If you have no need to submit multiple items or request a constructed certificate then you are able to move on to the next page and complete your submission as before.

The short term advantages of SAC are;

For component DVD/BD submissions (e.g. TV box sets), individual ratings can be attained as well as an overall free of charge ‘constructed certificate’ (if requested at time of submission). This caters for the separate rating demands of physical and online delivery. This applies to both related and unrelated content.

Reduces the cost of supplying multiple discs for one release – all assets can be supplied on the same disc and rated in whichever way you choose. Again, this applies to both related and unrelated content.

If under time constraints, it allows for parts of a final release to be submitted as you receive them and then to request a constructed classification of all elements once completed.

Faster entry of submissions

Allows for ‘constructed certificate’ and content advice requests of previously rated material which may be useful when combining box sets etc.

The longer term advantages are;

More closely matches the file based model the industry works to with asset management systems and dovetails with the BBFC’s plans to allow for the submission of electronic files, rather than discs (VRA digital trial to commence October 2012).

To be clear from the outset, any asset receiving an individual rating will be charged at the current tariff of £6.08 per minute + £76 fixed charge. Also, for construction requests of previously classified works, the fee will be just the £76 fixed charge (all prices subject to VAT).

To benefit from these changes, extranet access is essential and will be required for all submissions from 8th October 2012. If you haven’t already, please sign up for an extranet account as soon as possible by contacting

If you have any questions relating to SAC, please email or call 020 7440 0299.

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