The BBFC can reissue age ratings for previously classified content.

If the content is essentially the same, the classification can be reissued without the need for viewing by our Compliance team. These submissions are charged a lower fee. Please see our Fee Tariff for a full list of costs.

Companies can request a reissue of the age rating by selecting this option when they submit content via Horizon.

3D/2D Reissue

Companies may have 2D versions of films rated at a reissue rate providing the following conditions are met.

  • The Stereoscopic 3D Blu-ray version must be classified first.
  • Any subsequent versions of the 2D feature may then be passed as 3D/2D comparisons (providing that they are the same edit/soundtrack etc) as they present less picture information than the Stereoscopic 3D version.

A note on aspect ratios

If a previously classified content is being released with a lesser picture ratio then there is no need to resubmit for classification.


Content-identical 2D versions of classified 3D (DCP or IMAX) works.

If you receive an age rating for a 3D DCP or 3D IMAX version of a theatrical film, trailer or advert then a content-identical 2D version can attain the same category and be processed at a reduced rate.

The reduced rate only applies if the 3D version is classified first. Should the 2D version be classified first, the 3D version will be viewed and charged at the standard tariff, as the enhanced visual experience has the potential to receive a more restrictive age rating.

If a DCP file containing both 3D and 2D versions is submitted at the same time, the 2D version will receive a further reduction.

Please read our fee tariff.

Classifying 3D content first may cause 2D content to be over classified. To allow maximum flexibility, particularly in borderline cases (where the 2D content may be acceptable at a lower age rating than the 3D version) the option to classify the 2D content separately is available. In this case the standard tariff will apply.