It may be useful for companies to receive an indication of the age rating content is likely to receive in advance of its completion and, if relevant, what changes might be required to obtain a particular rating. 

The advice we offer is not binding. We reserve the right to reach a different decision when the content is submitted for classification in its final form. This may occur if the finished version is significantly different in terms of content and (particularly if released in cinemas) has a stronger impact than was evident from the advice viewing.

Content may be submitted directly uploaded to Horizonon DVD/Blu-ray, via FTP or on DCP. Although content must be playable, it doesn’t need to meet the same technical specifications as works submitted for formal classification and may display on screen logos and other text. Although we accept advice submissions in black and white and/or with incomplete sound and picture, the lower the quality of the version submitted, the less helpful any advice we give may ultimately be.

We also consider scripts for advice.

Any content submitted for advice does not need to be retained by the BBFC and may be collected by the customer upon request following the age rating decision. Any advice submissions not collected will be retained for two months, after which time they will be destroyed.

Companies who wish to submit content, complete or otherwise, for an advice screening should make an entry on our client portal, Horizon

If you do not have an account please complete our Customer Account Request form.

Advice viewings are charged at a lower fee. Full details are available here.

We don’t issue any formal paperwork or certificate for content seen for advice.

Where changes are made to content in line with the advice given (e.g. in order to achieve a particular age rating) the fact that such changes have been made, together with a clear indication of their nature, will be published on our website when the finished version is eventually classified.