Application top tips

Top Tips for recording your Youth Panel video.

As part of the application process for our Youth Panel, we would like you to record a short video (no longer than two minutes) or write a short statement (no more than 500 words) telling us a bit about yourself and answering the following three questions: 

  • Why would you like to be part of the BBFC Youth Panel?

  • What could you bring to the panel?

  • What’s your favourite film, and why?

To help you with this challenge, we’ve come up with some Top Tips of things to consider when recording your video:

  1. Speak clearly and confidently and be yourself

  2. Remember to introduce yourself at the beginning of the video - we need to know who you are!

  3. Think about your lighting and audio - remember to make sure you stand out from the background you are filming against, film somewhere you are comfortable and make sure that the light is behind your phone and not you!

  4. This is not a filmmaking task! Don’t worry about getting too creative with your video - we’re just really keen to listen to what you’ve got to say

  5. Using your mobile phone to record the video is fine - you just need to be able to send the file in to along with the application form

  6. We recommend that you prepare your answers a bit so you know what you’re going to say, but try to avoid reading it directly from a piece of paper where you can 

Or, if you’d prefer to write your statement here are some Top Tips:

  1. Take your time and think about your answers carefully before you start writing them down. 

  2. Be yourself, we are not looking for a perfect answer or an essay. Instead, we want to get to know you, and hear about the reasons why you’d like to join the panel. We want to hear from the real you! 

  3. Make sure you answer the three questions outlined above. 

  4. Keep it short, and stick to the word limit. 

Good luck recording your videos and writing your statements - we can’t wait to hear from you!