We’re pleased to launch our secondary PSHE resource - 'Making Choices: Sex, Relationships and BBFC Age Ratings'. Aimed at Key Stage 3 learners this resource is designed to equip students with the skills needed to make considered and informed choices about the content they watch. It will help them develop strategies for coping with peer pressure and enable them to recognise the differences between real life and on-screen relationships.

With the growth of online content and technological advancements, parents and teachers are increasingly aware of the need to help young people choose well, understand, and process the media they consume. As they gain more autonomy over media consumption they need to be aware of the issues surrounding potentially harmful material. At the end of the scheme of work students will be more aware of the work of the BBFC  - what we do, why we do it and how we can help them safely navigate the world of film, video and online content.

This builds upon our KS2 resource, acknowledging the different challenges and experiences children have as they grow up and move on to secondary school, the increased accessibility of online content and the new RSE curriculum which will be compulsory in school from September 2020.

We have worked closely with the PSHE Association to create a resource that includes three lesson plans, a comprehensive teaching guide and extension activities allowing pupils to explore areas such as:

  • Representations of sex and relationships in films on and offline
  • Decision making and peer influence
  • How and why age ratings are given to films and other content
  • How the BBFC reflect public and teenager views when making those decisions

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KS3 PSHE Resource