We aim to provide thoughtful and thought-provoking resources and material to engage students and encourage discussion and debate.

Our large, eye-catching and informative BBFC wall poster is designed for use in secondary school or college classrooms.

It gives a quick introduction to the BBFC and how we work, and contains useful facts and stats about our age ratings, plus information on how some recent film age rating decisions were reached.

If you would like a free poster for your school or college, please use the form below.

Primary school poster

We understand that for children’s own sense of wellbeing and for their healthy development, choosing content well is crucial.

Our primary school poster is available on the CBBFC website. The small sized poster for classrooms and film clubs works as a leaflet explaining the five film age ratings: U, PG, 12A, 15 and 18. It uses illustrations by children showing the audience for films at different age ratings and contains information about BBFCinsight and how we work with parents and young people. If you fold it out it works as a small frieze illustrating the categories and explaining our work.

Both poster resources are available free of charge

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Please note that due to the ongoing pandemic there will be a delay in receiving your poster. 

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