Teachers Guide

All the resources you need, all in one place

The BBFC Teachers’ Guide brings you a huge range of educational resources all easily accessible on this site, including opportunities to work with BBFC experts.

As well as our resources for students written by BBFC staff – see the BBFC Student Guide - you can use our educational resources to find out more about our work from news releases, research documents and other downloads available on this site. You can also listen to podcasts and search for all kinds of detailed information on any film, DVD/Blu-ray or VoD series that has ever been classified.

For students, there are historical materials and timelines detailing famous decisions; key films and commentary on the BBFC and its history; information on the classifying process, legislation and the issues involved, as well as our interactive ‘Rate a Trailer’ feature,  which enables students to analyse film trailers and compare their views and rating decisions with those of BBFC experts.

As a teacher, you can also use the site to ask for a speaker from the BBFC to come to your school, book places for our in-house seminarsresearch our files, or take advantage of our Skype workshops.

A crucial factor in helping maintain and improve our educational resources is your feedback. We not only want to know what you think of them, but welcome any suggestions for content or other comments. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.