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Rate a trailer yourself...

Welcome to our interactive ‘Rate a Trailer’ resource. Here you can view a trailer and compare your own thoughts and analysis to those of BBFC Compliance Officers.


Here are some tips before you get started...

Issues in trailers and advertisements may be classified higher than equivalent material in a main feature because they are shown without warning (unbidden) and are short, meaning they can have a greater impact on the audience.

Audiences actively choose to see a full length feature film based on expectations of the particular genre, its age rating and the ratings info for the film. In contrast, they have no choice about the accompanying trailers or advertisements that they see and which may be very different in tone and content to the film the audience chose to watch. In addition, because trailers and advertisements are short and self-contained, borderline material is less likely to be justified by context and more likely to cause offence.

  • All the trailers here have U, PG or 12A age ratings - though many are for films which received a higher age rating in the end
  • Each trailer has a brief introduction to tell you how much Compliance Officers knew about a film before they saw the trailer. Remember, some films are already famous before they are released (especially sequels and franchises)
  • Remember to look out for key classification issues like sex, violence and bad language
  • Don't forget to take into account the tone of the trailer and how it makes you feel
  • Keep in mind that trailers come to an audience unbidden

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