Twitter Q and A 25 Nov 2016 | British Board of Film Classification
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Twitter Q and A 25 Nov 2016

Date 25/11/2016

Over the previous week, we asked our followers to tweet us their classification questions about classifying scifi and fantasy films using the #askbbfced hashtag.

The #askbbfc answer session took the most interesting questions and answered them during a 30 minute session. If you missed this, the transcript of questions and answers follows below.

We aim to hold a twitter Q and A once a month and we’ll give plenty notice about when we’re collecting questions, whether there is a specific theme and when the answer session will take place. We use this format to ensure that any questions that require detailed answers can be researched if required and formulated into as few tweets as possible.

You can send longer questions you have to us at any time, by emailing us.

@BBFC. Thank you to everyone who tweeted #askbbfc questions about classifying #scifi & #fantasy films & issues

@BBFC. We'll answer as many as we can in the next 30 minutes #askbbfc #scifi #fantasy

@BBFC. If you have follow-up questions after this answer session tweet us using #askbbfc 


1. Q: ○ ‏@TheRealSONeill asks about the Blu-Ray of 2001: A Space Odyssey #StanleyKubrick #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. #askbbfc why is the blue ray for 2001: A Space Odyssey a (12) but the film is listed on your site as a (U)?

A: @BFFC. The film is rated U, but if a DVD/Blu-ray contains other material e.g. extras that have a higher rating, the packaging will show the higher rating #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We rated The Making of A Myth 2001 A Space Odyssey at 12 #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. The classification issues were drug references & mild sex references #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. If that additional material is included in the Blu-Ray you have it would take the disc to the 12 rating #askbbfc


2. Q: @BBFC. @ArlosDad asks about the rating of #StarWars (1977) in the UK & the USA #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Why was Star Wars passed U by the BBFC, but PG by the MPAA? What issues did the BBFC feel not warrant the higher US rating? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We have a case study on Star Wars (1977) with extracts from the Examiner reports here: #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Examiners classifying the film in 1977 had some concerns about the level of violence in the film #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. But ultimately the universal appeal & adventurous tone of Star Wars kept it at U #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. BBFC rating decisions aim to reflect UK public expectations & even in the 70's they weren't always the same as US ratings #askbbfc


3. Q: @BBFC. ‏@nxylas asks how genre can impact on classification #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Sometimes, the line between fantasy and horror gets blurred. Do genre classifications affect age ratings? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Context is key in applying our Classification Guidelines & we do take fantasy context into account #askbbfc

A:  @BBFC. However context may not always mitigate horror or gore in fantasy or scifi film #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Our case study for The Hunger Games describes this #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Reductions to bloody effects & injury detail were made to achieve a 12A rating #askbbfc


4. Q: ‏@BBFC. @EdwardHoward11 has a question about #Predator #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. #askbbfc Why has the original Predator been downgraded from 18 to 15, considering how violent & gory it is even now?

A: @BBFC. In 2013 we rated #Predator 15 for strong bloody violence, sex references, strong language #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. #Predator was rated 18 in 1987 & for subsequent video/DVD releases #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. In 2013 a 3D version was sent to us & under modern Guidelines the strong violence in the film could be permitted at 15 #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Strong language & strong sex references in the film were also within the 15 Guidelines #askbbfc


5. Q: @BBFC. ‏@PopcornMuncher  has a question about #FantasticBeasts which contains spoilers! #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Please look away now if you wish to avoid these #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. One of the things that struck me with Fantastic Beasts was the 'execution' scene. How did this play into classification? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. This scene is mentioned in the long BBFCinsight for the film #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. #askbbfc The threat in this scene can be contained at 12A where the Guidelines state…

A: @BBFC. #askbbfc "There may be moderate physical & psychological threat…."

A: @BBFC. "Although some scenes may be disturbing, the overall tone should not be" #askbbfc


6. Q: @BBFC. ‏@SWilliamThomas asks about rating violence in a fantasy film context #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. How do you rate violence that only exists in a fantasy universe? #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. i.e. magical wounds/things that couldn't happen in real life? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We do take context into account when classifying violence in films #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. However tone & impact are also important. A fantasy context could still create a dark/unsettling tone/impact #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Our #podcasts on rating #scifi films mention this #askbbfc 


7. Q: @BBFC. Our last #scifi #fantasy film question today is from ‏@fatscoleman #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. #askbbfc District 9: only 15 despite splattery violence & sadistic tone. Does sci-fi setting affect certification?

A: @BBFC. #askbbfc #District9 is rated 15 for one use of very strong language and strong bloody violence

A: @BBFC. #askbbfc you can read the long BBFCinsight here: 

A: @BBFC. the long insight describes how violence largely involves non-humans or is seen in long shot without much detail #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The scifi context is a mitigating factor but the lack of detail equally kept the violence in the film at 15 #askbbfc


@BBFC. That’s all the questions we have for this session. Thank you to everyone who tweeted questions last week #askbbfc

@BBFC. If you missed any of the #askbbfc answers today, we'll publish a transcript & tweet the link




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