Twitter Q and A 29 Sept 2016 | British Board of Film Classification
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Twitter Q and A 29 Sept 2016

Date 30/09/2016

Over the previous week, we asked our followers to tweet us their classification questions about classifying trailers using the #askbbfc hashtag.

The #askbbfc answer session took the most interesting questions and answered them during a 30 minute session. If you missed this, the transcript of questions and answers follows below.

We aim to hold a twitter Q and A once a month and we’ll give plenty notice about when we’re collecting questions, whether there is a specific theme and when the answer session will take place. We use this format to ensure that any questions that require detailed answers can be researched if required and formulated into as few tweets as possible.

You can send longer questions you have to us at any time, by emailing us.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted #askbbfc questions about classifying trailers last week

If you have any follow-up questions after this answer session tweet us using #askbbfc 

1. Q: ‏@BBFC. @UngleMaa  asks about trailers receiving a different rating to the film they advertise #askbbfc

Q: ‏@BBFC. #askbbfc Some films like #Deadpool have Trailers that get an 18 when the Final Film is a 15. If the trailer were put on the DVD would that raise the Certificate of the DVD?

A: @BBFC. Yes, a DVD's rating must reflect the highest rating of any element included on the disc #askbbfc

2. Q: @BBFC. @weneedtotroll asks about the trailer for #MissPeregrinesHomeForPeculiarChildren #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Why was the unsettling & creepy trailer for MISS PEREGRINES HOME FOR PECULIAR CHILDREN shown before the U-rated FINDING DORY? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We've rated several trailers for this film, ranging from U to 12A #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Only a U rated trailer could be shown before the U rated film #FindingDory #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The trailers rated U feature some characters with fantastical abilities & these were acceptable at U within the fantasy & adventure context of the trailer #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Other than setting the ratings, we have no control over which trailers are played before which films #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Scheduling trailers is the responsibility of the cinema #askbbfc  

A: @BBFC. If you think an incorrect trailer was shown please contact us & include the date, time & location of the screening  #askbbfc 

3. Q: @BBFC. @RyanricT asks: Are trailers classified with stricter classification standards/guidelines? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We use the same Classification Guidelines for everything we classify #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. However trailers come unbidden; the audience do not choose which trailers they see #askkbfc

A: @BBFC. Because of this we do apply stricter standards when rating trailers #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. E.g if a trailer is on the border of two ratings we're more likely to classify it at the higher rating #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We also take into account the lack of wider context in a trailer compared to a full feature #askbbfc

4: Q: @BBFC. @moviemaster1993 asks: why has there been an increase in terms of trailer quantity? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Some films have lots of different trailers e.g we rated 12 trailers for #FindingDory #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Other releases will have 3 or 4 trailers e.g there are 4 trailers for #BenHur

A: @BBFC. Why some releases have more trailers than others is a question for film distributors #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. However we do publish the classification for every trailer we rate on our website & free apps #askbbfc 

@BBFC. That’s all the questions we have for this session. Thank you to everyone who tweeted questions last week #askbbfc

@BBFC. If you missed any of the #askbbfc answers today, we'll publish a transcript & tweet the link



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