Twitter Q and A 25 August 2016 | British Board of Film Classification
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Twitter Q and A 25 August 2016

Date 25/08/2016

Over the previous week, we asked our followers to tweet us their classification questions about international age ratings for films using the #askbbfc hashtag.

The #askbbfc answer session took the most interesting questions and answered them during a 30 minute session. If you missed this, the transcript of questions and answers follows below.

We aim to hold a twitter Q and A once a month and we’ll give plenty notice about when we’re collecting questions, whether there is a specific theme and when the answer session will take place. We use this format to ensure that any questions that require detailed answers can be researched if required and formulated into as few tweets as possible.

You can send longer questions you have to us at any time, by emailing us.


Thank you to everyone who tweeted #askbbfc questions about age ratings for films in different countries

We'll answer as many as we can in the next 30 minutes #askbbfc

1. Emma ‏@weneedtotroll  Aug 15

Q: @BBFC. @weneedtotroll asks about Irish IFCO classifications compared to BBFC ratings #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Some films that are 12 here get 15 in Ireland for sex (eg The Duchess).  Are BBFC guidelines on sex at 12 too lax? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Our Classification Guidelines are based on largescale public consultation & aim to reflect broad public opinion in the UK #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Our ratings won't always be the same as IFCO age ratings #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. You can see a summary of feedback about sex at 12A on p.65 of our 2014 research #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The long BBFCinsight for #TheDuchess is available here: #askbbfc

2. Emma ‏@weneedtotroll  Aug 15

Q: @BBFC. @weneedtotroll also asks about sex references at 12A compared to PG-13 #askbbfc 

Q: @BBFC. The 12A allows less sex jokes/dialogue than the PG-13 does, but more sex scenes. What’s the reason for this duality? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. At 12A sexual activity should be brief & discreet. Moderate sex references are permitted but frequent crude refs are unlikely #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Looking at a broad selection of PG-13 films does not indicate the BBFC take a significantly different approach at 12A #askbbfc

3. Ryan Richardson ‏@RyanricT  Aug 16

Q: @BBFC. @RyanricT asks about the MPAA ratings & consumer advice #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Using the film "Nerve" as an example, why is the MPAA's insight more detailed than the BBFC's insight?  #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. First, #Nerve is rated PG-13 in the USA & 15 in the UK #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Our short BBFCinsight is limited to 75 characters #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. Short BBFCinsight focuses on category-defining issues #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. Some of the issues highlighted by the MPAA at PG-13 are acceptable at 15 in the UK & were not category-defining here #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. Our long insight gives more detail about the other issues eg sex references #askbbfc

4. The Movie Badger ‏@BadgerMovie  Aug 17

Q: @BBFC. @BadgerMovie asks about cultural context & international ratings #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Is cultural context taken into account in the UK when rating a film that is given a certain certification internationally? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We classify according to our own Classification Guidelines, reflecting UK public opinion #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. While we may be aware of non UK ratings for a particular film, they do not influence our decisions #askbbfc

5. Felipe Guimarães ‏@FelipeFGF  Aug 17 Fortaleza, Brazil

Q: @BBFC. @FelipeFGF asks whether the rating of a work in another country influences BBFC decisions. If so, to what level? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We take a general interest in international classifications but they don't influence our decisions #askbbfc

6. Felipe Guimarães ‏@FelipeFGF  Aug 17 Fortaleza, Brazil

Q: @BBFC. @FelipeFGF asks: with what countries rating authorities does the BBFC keep in touch? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We have regular contact with a number of classification bodies overseas #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We work with some on projects, e.g. with Dutch regulator NICAM on a tool for people to age rate #UserGeneratedContent #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We also attend an international classifiers conference each year #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We use these to catch up with international colleagues, compare research & discuss a variety of issues #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We share ideas on best practise, including how best to provide public information for when deciding what film to see #askbbfc

7. Philippa Sanderson ‏@TaxPhilippa  Aug 19

Q: @BBFC. @TaxPhilippa asks the UK & USA ratings for Secret Life of Pets #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. #askbbfc astonished that Secret Life of Pets is U rated - v scary film for tots - surely USA PG rating makes more sense?

A: @BBFC. #SecretLifeOfPets is rated U with the BBFCinsight advising it contains mild action & rude humour #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. Our U rating means generally suitable for ages 4 & up #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. But it's impossible to know what might upset a particular child #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. So we provide long BBFCinsight to help parents make an informed decision #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. At U there can be mild brief threat & mild brief violence in certain contexts e.g comedic, animated, fantasy #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. BBFCinsight for The Secret Life of Pets is available here #askbbfc

8. Stevie Cohen ‏@steviehcohen  Aug 15

Q: ‏@BBFC. @steviehcohen asks about violence at the 18 rating #askbbfc

Q: ‏@BBFC. How does a super violent film with sexual references like Kingsmen escape an 18 certificate? #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. #KingsmanTheSecretService is rated 15 for strong bloody violence, strong language #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. It received similar ratings internationally. It was rated R in the USA & 16 in Ireland #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. At 15 violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The violence in the film is highly choreographed, fantastical & quickly edited so gory details are mostly fleeting #askbbfc

@BBFC. That’s all we have time for in this session. Thank you to everyone who tweeted questions last week #askbbfc

@BBFC. If you missed any of the #askbbfc answers today, we'll publish a transcript & tweet the link


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