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Twitter Q and A 14 July 2016

Date 14/07/2016

Over the previous week, we asked our followers to tweet us their classification questions about film classification using the #askbbfc hashtag.

The #askbbfc answer session took the most interesting questions and answered them during a 30 minute session. If you missed this, the transcript of questions and answers follows below.

We aim to hold a twitter Q and A once a month and we’ll give plenty notice about when we’re collecting questions, whether there is a specific theme and when the answer session will take place. We use this format to ensure that any questions that require detailed answers can be researched if required and formulated into as few tweets as possible.

You can send longer questions you have to us at any time, by emailing us.

Twitter Q and A

14 July 2016

Theme: Classification issues in your favourite #summer #blockbusterfilms past & present

Thank you to everyone who tweeted #askbbfc questions about #summer #blockbuster films this week

We'll answer as many as we can in the next 30 minutes #askbbfc

1. ‏@BBFC. @BadgerMovie asks about #JurassicPark #askbbfc  

Q: @BBFC. #askbbfc Reflecting on the furore in '93 surrounding Jurassic Park's PG classification, do you think it would be classified 12A today?

A: @BBFC. When we rated #JurassicPark for the first time in 1993 there was no 12A, only a restrictive 12 #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Rating the film 12 would have prevented older primary school children from enjoying it #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. However, the BBFC did recognise the film was intense in places and issued a warning at box offices & on posters #askbbfc

A:  @BBFC. We saw the film again in 2013 for cinema re-release and 3D Blu-Ray release and upheld the PG #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. #JurassicPark is at the upper end of PG for its intense sequences & some very brief gore #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. But it is very well known & we did not think it required a #12A or #12 certificate #askbbfc

2. @BBFC. ‏@PresFanGood1 asks about #12A #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. What's the difference between 12A (for cinemas, since its first introduction) and 12 (for home video) back in 2002? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We use the same Guidelines to classify cinema films 12A & DVD/Blu-ray/VOD content at 12 #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Both classifications mean we think a film is more suitable for persons 12 and over #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. However, the cinema #12A allows adults to take a younger child if they think the film is suitable  #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The #12A has not been extended to video because the Video Recordings Act relates to point of supply #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The "accompanied" aspect of the #12A is not possible to enforce in the home in the same manner as in cinemas #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Once a video has been supplied and entered the home adults already have discretion about who may watch it #askbbfc

3. ‏@BBFC. @LaurenM45096321 asks about #AbsoluteBeginners #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. For the re showing of Absolute Beginners I think it will be given a 12 Rating? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. @LaurenM45096321 you're right #AbsoluteBeginners was rated 12 most recently in 2016 #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. Previously #AbsoluteBeginners was rated 15 in 1986, before the introduction of the 12 rating #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The long BBFCinsight for #AbsoluteBeginners is available here: #bbfcinsight #askbbfc

4. @BBFC. @fletchtalks asks about #TempleOfDoom #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. BBC show the PG cut of Temple of Doom - shouldn't they show the 12 version (and then make their own cuts if they want)? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. There is no reason why the uncut 12 version should not be transmitted, but this would depend upon scheduling times  #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. BBFC ratings only apply to cinema, DVD/Blu-Ray & VOD and we have no role in regulating TV #askbbfc

5. @BBFC. @RyanricT asks about the classification of #Carrie #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. In the horror film "Carrie" (76/13) do you agree that bullying/humiliation were some of the films' classification issues? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. #Carrie (1976) was originally rated X for cinema release in 1976 & then 18 for video release in 1987 #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We have not been asked to formally reconsider the rating since 1987 #askbbfc

A: Bullying themes were raised as an issue in the film & you can read more about this in our case study #askbbfc

A: The 2013 remake of #Carrie is rated 15 & bullying is also mentioned in our BBFCinsight for this film #askbbfc

6. @BBFC. @RummazKnowsBest  asks about #IndianaJones And The Kingdom Of The Crystal Skull #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Kingdom of the Crystal Skull was the least violent/scary Indy film yet carried a 12 rating, why? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. The film contains some quite sustained threat & scenes of violence which go beyond today's PG Guidelines #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. You can see more detail in the BBFCinsight #askbbfc

7. @BBFC. @weneedtotroll asks about difficult classification decisions #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. which Summer blockbuster of recent years caused the BBFC most headache in terms of classification? #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. #TheDarkKnight was a summer blockbuster released in 2008 & classified 12A #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. We received 364 complaints from members of the public about the 12A rating for #TheDarkKnight #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. This was exceptionally high for a single film & made up 42% of all complaints for 2008 #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. When we carried out the next review of our Classification Guidelines we tested the film with the public #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. 69% of respondents in the consultation who had seen the film supported the 12A decision #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. There is a case study on #TheDarkKnight on our website #askbbfc

8. @BBFC. @TobyLagden  asks about downgrading older films from 18 to 15 #askbbfc

Q: @BBFC. Why does 'The Good, the Bad & the Ugly' and 'Die Hard' keep receiving an 18 on DVD despite being downgraded to a 15? #askbbfc 

A: @BBFC. #DieHard is now rated 15, you can read more about this in our case study #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. #TheGoodTheBadAndTheUgly has also been rated 15, though some older versions still carry an 18 rating #askbbfc

A: @BBFC. You can hear a discussion about this in our #podcast #askbbfc 

A: Essentially this film is now within the Guidelines at 15 #askbbfc

Thank you to everyone who tweeted #askbbfc questions this week

If you missed any of the answers session we'll publish a transcript & tweet the link #askbbfc

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