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FILMCLUB Live cub reporters have their say

Our Head of Education Lucy Brett met up with FILMCLUB reporters Phoebe and Sophie on the charity’s live webcasts to talk film ratings, reclassification and scary scenes.

Date 12/06/2013

Lucy was grilled by the FILMCLUB reporters in the studio – hearing about what bugs Phoebe about what she can’t see, and discussing the issues raised by the theme and tone of one of Sophie’s favourite films Juno. She also took questions and comments from school children all over the country via twitter, phone and email.

The webcasts include clips and trailers for films ranging from Jaws and 1932 horror flick The Monster Walks, to more recent films such as Hugo, Juno, Alvin & The Chipmunks: Chipwrecked and Brave which allowed for discussion of how we rate films now, how theme and tone may affect a rating, how important it is for BBFC examiners to understand the audience for a particular film, and how we listen to the views of children and young people as well as those of parents and adults.

She also discussed how and why filmmakers may remove material from films to achieve a lower rating, different certificates used in the past, such as AA, how many films are rated each year, feedback from the public and how unusual it is for films to be rejected.

You can view the webcasts on the FILMCLUB website.

FILMCLUB is an education charity helping transform the lives of young people through film.

We help schools set up clubs that provide young people with the chance to watch, discuss and review a diverse range of films – feeding their imagination and nurturing their social and intellectual development.

The charity (no. 1136558) is championed by headteachers and key figures in education, and has grown from a 25-school pilot in 2007 to reaching 220,000 children each week, in over 7,000 clubs.

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