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Education Twitter Q and A Transcript 5 May 2016

On Thursday 5 May 2016, we held the answer session for our Education #askbbfced Twitter Q & A. 

Date 09/05/2016

Over the previous week, we asked our followers, in particular students and teachers, to tweet us their classification questions using the #askbbfced hashtag.

The #askbbfced answer session took the most interesting questions and answered them during a 30 minute session. If you missed this, the transcript of questions and answers follows below.

We aim to hold a twitter Q and A once a month and we’ll give plenty notice about when we’re collecting questions, whether there is a specific theme and when the answer session will take place. We use this format to ensure that any questions that require detailed answers can be researched if required and formulated into as few tweets as possible.

You can send longer questions you have to us at any time, by emailing us.

Thank you to everyone who tweeted questions for our BBFC education twitter Q&A this week #askbbfced.
The #askbbfced Q&A is aimed at #film & #media studies #students & #teachers, but anyone can take part.

Our first #askbbfced question today is from .@Virulentt3 & .@Kingkeir
Q: #askbbfced why are #ForceAwakens + #10CloverfieldLane 12A for same reason (moderate threat + violence) when the latter is much scarier?

A: These are key classification issues in both films #askbbfced

A: Our long BBFCinsight explains the classification issues in both films in more detail #askbbfced

A: Long BBFCinsight for #10CloverfieldLane describes "several scenes of moderate threat"  #askbbfced

A: In #TheForceAwakens the long BBFCinsight notes "Occasional scenes of moderate threat" #askbbfced

A: Not all 12A films are alike & some sit at the low end of the rating, others at the high end #askbbfced

A: The threat & violence in #10CloverfieldLane is not sufficient for a 15, but it is at the higher end of the 12A category #askbbfced

A: When a film is on the border between two categories we take into account the context, theme & tone #askbbfced

A: You can read about this on page 4 of the Classification Guidelines #askbbfced

A: The threat & violence in #TheForceAwakens was considered too intense for PG #askbbfced

Q:  .@RyanricT asks about working at the BBFC #askbbfced
Q: #askbbfced I am very passionate about film classification. I hope to become a film examiner after my journalism/media degree. Any advice?

A: To be a Film Examiner it is helpful to have experience in relevant areas e.g media regulation, law, film, or child development #askbbfced

A: Some Film Examiners have foreign language skills which is also helpful #askbbfced

A: Film Examiners will normally have a different career to gain this kind of experience before joining the BBFC #askbbfced

A: Other than that there are no hard and fast rules #askbbfced

A: The BBFC is proud to have Examiners & Compliance Officers with very varied backgrounds #askbbfced

A: Although they all share a passion for film and video #askbbfced

Q: .@10_nov  asks about terms used in BBFCinsight #askbbfced
Q: Do you think the 'strong sex' is too general? It ranges from, for ex, #WildTales' 5 secs to #BlueIsTheWarmestColour's 10 mins #askbbfced

A: BBFCinsight on the black card is designed to give a short explanation of the key classification issues #askbbfced

A: #WildTales is rated 15 for strong bloody violence, sex, strong language #askbbfced 

A: There is one scene of strong sex in the film #askbbfced

A: While #BlueIsTheWarmestColour is rated 18 for strong sex & very strong language #askbbfced 

A: There are a number of scenes of strong sex in the film #askbbfced

A: In these examples the age rating & the long BBFCinsight helps explain the issues of strong sex in each film #askbbfced

Q: .@giratalkialga asks: Why isn't the black card shown at the start of IMAX 3D screenings? #askbbfced

A: It is technically more difficult to add something to the front of an #IMAX film #askbbfced

A: If the black card is not to be shown the IMAX theatre must advertise the classification in the foyer or at the screen entrance #askbbfced

Q: .@GreenNovaFilms asks about classifying depictions of drug use #askbbfced
Q: Why is it Harold & Kumar gets a 15/18 rating for portraying drugs in a positive light, when hunger games only gets a 12A? #askbbfced

A: In #TheHungerGames there is no deliberate use of drugs #askbbfced

A: In one scene Katniss experiences hallucinations after being stung by wasp-like creatures #askbbfced

A: In #HaroldAndKumar the characters are seen taking and enjoying illegal drugs #askbbfced

A: This goes beyond 12AGuidelines where misuse of drugs must be infrequent, not glamorised & should not give instructional detail #askbbfced

Q: Our final #askbbfced question today is from .@PresFanGood1
Q: What will be the first 12A/12 rated film to contain very strong language since #TheKingsSpeech in 2010 #askbbfced

A: In #TheKingsSpeech strong language was used, rather than very strong language #askbbfced

A: At 12A/12 strong language may be permitted, depending on how it is used #askbbfced

A: In #TheKingsSpeech, the strong language occurs in the context of speech therapy #askbbfced

A: This is an isolated moment in the film & the language is not aggressive or directed at any other character #askbbfced

A: Examples of strong & very strong language are given on our Guidelines web pages for 12A/12 & 15 #askbbfced 

That's all our #askbbfced questions for today. If you're a film or media student with revision questions you can tweet us at any time.


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