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Childnet announce the winners of its annual Film Competition

Hundreds of youth organisations, primary and secondary schools entered Childnet's seventh annual film competition. 

Date 28/07/2016

The UK e-safety charity challenged children aged 7-18 to create a short film to encourage their peers to 'shine online', and to promote safe and positive use of the internet. The six shortlisted films were judged by David Austin, Chief Executive, BBFC, alongside Joanna van der Meer, Family Learning Co-ordinator, BFI; Alice Webb, Director of BBC Children's; and last year's secondary category winner Keith Chirozva. The shortlisted films were all classified U by the BBFC and given BBFC black cards.

The young film makers behind the six shortlisted films, three from the primary school category and three from the secondary category, attended an awards event at the BFI in London on Monday 18 July. The judges of the competition viewed each of the films before they were shown to industry guests. The films were awarded first, second and third places, with prizes including Canon DSLRs cameras.

The winners of the primary category were Arundale Primary School, with their film 'Times Have Changed'. The winners of the Secondary category were Wren Academy, with their stop-motion 'Hash and Tag'.

David Austin, Chief Executive, BBFC said: "The BBFC is heavily invested in child protection; this competition is a creative way for children use film to engage with complex issues such as cyberbullying and online safety. It was fantastic to see the different methods each short-listed film used to convey the importance of positive use of the internet. Picking the winners was a tough job and all these films will be useful resources for other young people."

The shortlisted films are now available for use as internet safety resources to educate children on how to use the internet positively and safely.

To watch the 60-120 second films, visit the Childnet website.


About Childnet
Childnet is a UK charity set up to empower children, families and schools in the digital age, and its vision is to make the internet a great and safe place for children. Launching in 1995, it speaks to thousands of children, parents and teachers every year; creates innovative educational resources; and delivers projects to empower young people to have their say and take the lead in helping to create a better internet. It achieves a wider impact through influencing best practice and policy, both in the UK and internationally. As one of three charities in the UK Safer Internet Centre, Childnet coordinates Safer Internet Day, which reached a quarter of UK children last year.

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