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BBFC Christmas BBFCinsight competition

Welcome to the BBFCinsight Christmas competition where we challenge you to guess the classic Christmas film titles missing from the BBFCinsight below. 

Date 14/12/2012

We’ve hidden the film titles, some of the BBFCinsight and some character names. See if you can use the new BBFC website to help check your guesses for all seven film clues.

Send your answers by email to by Saturday 5 January. The winner will be drawn at random from the correct entries and receive a BBFC goody bag.

This competition is now closed.

BBFCinsight Clues

Film 1
Rated PG

The initial scenes in Halloween Town include some potentially spooky elements for young children, such as graveyards, ghosts, witches, spiders, strange mutant creatures and skeletons. All these inhabitants sing and dance happily in their surreal world, and their silly antics and bumbling ways soon show them to be endearing rather than scary characters.

One of the main characters is a rag doll, whose arms and legs sometimes come unstitched and fall off. However, it is quickly seen that this causes her no pain or distress, and she is easily able to sew her own limbs back on again with no harm done.

Film 2
Rated U
Contains no material likely to offend or harm

The film does include some discussion of whether the main character can possibly be Father Christmas, and, indeed, whether Father Christmas exists. Some people suggest he is mad for thinking he is Father Christmas, though all is happily and rightfully resolved in the end.

Film 3
Rated U
Contains mild violence

The violence occurs when the main character, as a boy, is repeatedly cuffed around the ear by his employer for supposedly making a mistake. However, he was actually trying to help his employer who quickly realises his mistake and feels guilt-ridden for attacking him. The attack is shown without clear detail but does carry emotional weight as the man is distraught at the loss of a family member. This scene is potentially upsetting but the outcome is one of reassurance and the sequence is central to the plot. Other mild violence in the film includes characters involved in brief fist fights, or shots fired by the police during a chase sequence.

Film 4
Rated PG
Contains mild language and violence

The violence is presented as mild comic slapstick, for example the grown-up orphan character attacking a fake Santa, but no-one is seriously hurt. In one scene the orphan accompanies his father to work and meets a famous author who has restricted growth. Brought up by elves he is overjoyed, and causes much offence by calling the man an elf. This results in a brief fight, as the author is offended and orphan can’t understand why. There is no discriminatory intent in the scene - it is an example of the orphan’s naïve innocent abroad character.

There is also some rude humour, such as belching, and some mild innuendo including brief references to getting some action, reference to a peep show and some confusion over sheer underwear. The orphan is also seen slipping into a women’s wash room to hear a co-worker singing. In all these instances his innocence and ignorance of any cynical or adult interpretation of the sex references diminish the effect. Similarly there is a scene in which the orphan gets drunk, though he doesn’t realise what he is drinking and is arrested.

Film 5
Rated PG

There are a number of scenes in which violence is inflicted on the two burglars by the child character. However, the violence is always slapstick and comic in nature and there is no focus on realistic injury detail. At one point a red mark is burned into the palm of a character's hand after he grasps a red hot door handle. At another point, a red mark in the shape of an iron is seen on a character's face after he is struck with a clothes iron.

Film 6
Rated 12A

There are several scenes in which the creatures terrorise adults and children, during which the creatures create mayhem and, following which, some are killed. Scenes include a creature being used as a dartboard, a creature being beheaded so that its head flies into a fireplace where it is burnt, a creature liquidised in a kitchen blender, one exploding in a microwave, and sight of a creature melting and decomposing. In one scene a teenage boy is also shot in the arm with a crossbow bolt. While these scenes feature some violent detail, there is no dwelling on the detail and no emphasis on the injuries inflicted.

Film 7
Rated 15

Contains strong violence, language, nudity and hard drug use

The violence in the film is strong, bloody and sustained in some sections as the main character kills in order to survive and to save others. There is frequent use of automatic weapons, with accompanying blood spurts showing bullet impacts and injury. The tone is occasionally comic as the hero takes on a large group of terrorists, and wisecracks throughout. The strongest moment occurs when a business man is executed by the main villain: it is shocking but brief, and designed to emphasise the ruthless brutality of the killer. There is some focus on bloody injury in the action set pieces. The strongest is when a character’s feet are sliced and bloodied after he runs across some broken glass.

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