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2016 Character Awards Winners Announced

On 30 June, the Department of Education announced the winning schools and education organisations in the 2016 Character Awards. 

Date 05/07/2016

The BBFC Education Department will visit one of the winners to provide a tailored education session on BBFC age ratings.

BBFC Head of Education, Lucy Brett, said: "This is a great opportunity to work with young people, helping them understand age ratings in the cinema and at home, and ensuring they can make informed choices about the material they view".

The 2016 Character Awards highlighted nine organisations, which showed outstanding good practice, in ‘Character Education’, one from each of the English Regions. At a conference held at the University of Birmingham School, the Minister of Education for Children and Families Edward Timpson announced the winners.

A full list of winners is available here.

The BBFC will visit the regional winner for the East Midlands, the Nottingham Girls Academy, in Nottingham. The school was recognised by the awards for the way it encourages its students to become confident, compassionate and articulate young women, equipping them with skills that will support them through the rest of their lives.

Key character traits the school promotes are the six Rs: Resilience, reflection, reasoning, respect, responsibility and resourcefulness.


About The Character Awards
The Character Awards seek to identify, recognise and celebrate all those who are leading the way in character education to ensure pupils leave school ready for life in modern Britain.
Character education can be found within a school’s ethos, in the classroom and on the playground, as well as on the sports field and in local community programmes.
Through these Awards, the government aims to celebrate excellence and recognise the projects, teams and individuals who are nurturing and developing character traits in children and young people alongside academic rigour.
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