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Uncut film season

To mark the centenary of the BBFC in 2012, BFI Southbank is presenting a season of films which have been either banned or censored in the last century of cinema. Taking place from 1 to 30 November 2012, the season has been curated by film critic Mark Kermode and Professor in Film Studies at Southampton University Linda Ruth Williams.

The season will give film fans a chance to see some of the most contentious films ever made in their complete version on the big screen and will aim to illustrate how the BBFC’s attitudes to confrontational material have changed over the years. While some films in the season have remained as shocking as the first time they were seen by UK audiences, the impact of some has lessened with time. Each of the films in the season will present a case-study in the BBFC’s negotiation of UK law, public opinion, political pressure, and principles of public protection and free speech.

Tickets go on sale on Tuesday 9 October.

Originally posted October 3rd, 2012