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BBFC Podcast Episode 33 - Bedazzled (1967)

In this episode we discuss the classification history of the 1967 film Bedazzled. 

Tags: podcast, bedazzled, archive, history, 1960s

The film was classified A for cinema release in 1967, which although not a restrictive rating (like the X, suitable for those over 16 only), the A certificate suggested the film was more suitable for adult audiences. When Bedazzled was submitted for video classification in 1988, it was classified PG. At this time there was no 12 classification, so the choice was between PG and 15, and the BBFC considered PG to be the appropriate category for the video. Bedazzled (1967) was most recently classified 12 on video in 2005, with the BBFCinsight: 'Contains moderate sex references'.   

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