Classification Guidelines Report 2019


The BBFC's main purpose is to help everyone in the UK choose age-appropriate films, videos and websites, wherever and however they watch or use them. In particular we want to help children and parents choose what content's right for them and avoid what's not.

To make sure the age ratings and content advice we provide are meeting those key objectives, we commit to reviewing our Classification Guidelines every four to five years by asking viewers - including children and families - what they think about our ratings and what they need from us. This report sets out the conversations we've had with viewers across the UK over the course of 2018, and which form the basis of the new Classification Guidelines published today.

What's very clear from this report is that nearly everyone finds ratings useful (97%) and that over nine in ten people believe there should be standard age ratings both online and offline. What's also clear is that, as online viewing becomes the norm, parents and children are finding it challenging, and at times frustrating, to find the information they need to help them choose well. More widespread, effective and consistent use and display of BBFC ratings and content advice - which this report demonstrates are widely recognised, valued and trusted - is an obvious solution to this problem.

The BBFC is committed to collaborating with online content providers to ensure their users can access the same kinds of information they would expect to find at the cinema, or when buying a DVD or BluRay - including by developing innovative, cost effective and trusted rating solutions. We look forward to expanding and deepening our relationships with content providers over the coming months and years, precisely in order to provide the trusted guide that families want and need.

David Austin
Chief Executive
17 January 2019

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Guidelines Consultation 2019

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