Classification Guidelines Report 2009


The BBFC’s vision statement commits us to regulating moving image content ‘in a manner which maintains the support and confidence of the industry and the public’ and we understand that this involves responding to changes in public attitudes over time. We are acutely aware that the creative industries we regulate play an important role in the lives of both children and adults, and a significant role in the economy. We believe that robust and independent regulation, which meets the needs of the public in general, and parents in particular, is in the long term interests of both the industry and society.

That is why, for the third time in 10 years, we once again commissioned a major public consultation exercise to ensure that the criteria we use to classify material is in line with the expectations of the UK public. The consultation was conducted by a team of well respected and independent researchers, using a mix of quantitative and qualitative methodologies. The researchers have set out the results and their conclusions in this comprehensive report and their findings guided the redrafting of the new BBFC Classification Guidelines which are also published today.

BBFC Director 23 June 2009

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Guidelines Consultation 2009

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