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Equal Opportunities Policy

The BBFC is committed to the development and expansion of positive policies to promote equal opportunities in life regardless of individuals’ gender, marital status, creed, colour, race, ethnic origin, religious or political beliefs, sexual orientation, disability or age.  

However, please note that the BBFC is unable to employ anyone under the age of 18 on account of their possible exposure to age -restricted material while working here.

These principles will apply to all employment matters including recruitment, conditions of work, pay, hours of work, holiday entitlement, overtime, work allocation, guaranteed earning, sick pay, pension, training, promotion, redeployment and redundancy. 

The BBFC aims to ensure that no job applicant or employee is placed at a disadvantage by requirements or conditions which would have disproportionally adverse effects on him or her. Entry into employment within the Board and progression within it will be determined solely by the application of objective criteria, personal performance and merit. 

Notwithstanding the above, the BBFC will need to appoint some staff with knowledge of specific foreign languages and cultures and the requirements for such qualifications will be of primary importance in the process of recruitment. The requirement for work of that particular kind is bound to fluctuate and the need for such staff will accordingly vary from time to time. 

To ensure the Equal Opportunities Policy is effective, the overall responsibility for its implementation and monitoring will be allocated to the Head of Personnel, and it will be made known to all job applicants and employees. 

Contractors working on the BBFC’s premises will also be expected to comply with the Equal Opportunities Policy. The Board recognises that whilst much can be achieved through the development and implementation of policies, practices and procedures to eliminate unlawful and unfair discrimination, real progress towards equality of opportunity requires a programme of action which involves the commitment and participation of all staff. Genuine equal opportunity requires a commitment to the policy from everyone.

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