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Welcome to the BBFC Media Centre.  Here you can access BBFC Media Releases.

For all enquiries please contact Brittany Maher-Kirk, Senior Communications Manager. 

Tel: 0207 440 0397 E-mail:

For media requests regarding access to our archive files please include a list of the film titles you would like to research, along with their release dates. This helps us find the relevant documents for you. If you are able to provide details about your research, or reasons for your enquiry this is also helpful to us. We will check the availability of each file and contact you to arrange an appointment for you to view the records at the BBFC. We are not able to undertake any research into the contents of files on behalf of the media.

For BBFC logos, please see the BBFC Press Kit.


BBFC age ratings to appear on new UK Kaleidescape Store


Kaleidescape, the US-based movie server manufacturer, is now licensed to present BBFC ratings to UK customers shopping in its online movie store. The Kaleidescape Store, which launched in the UK on June 6, provides internet delivery of movies matching the audio/video quality and extra content of...

BBFC recommend new Hobs Pit attraction at Pleasurewood Hills is rated 12A


The new Hobs Pit ride, which cost over half a million pounds, has been developed by Pleasurewood Hills in conjunction with world renowned special effects expert Rob Ostir and voice actor Corey Burton. The pair, who usually work with theme parks in the USA such as Disney World and Universal Studios...

BBFC website closed for maintenance on Saturday 1 and Sunday 2 June 2013


On Saturday 1 June and Sunday 2 June the BBFC website will be closed for essential maintenance work.The free BBFC app for iPhone and Android will function based on the information stored the last time a BBFC app user refreshed their feed. We advise that anyone wishing to use up to date BBFC age...

British Board of Film Classification gives age rating to Museum of Liverpool film


The 20 minute film THE POWER AND THE GLORY?  by Hurricane Films, was made specifically for the Museum and is rated PG for archive images of historical events including World War I and news footage of Bloody Sunday. The film will be shown in the Museum of Liverpool theatre nine times a day every 45...

BBFC launch website survey for Classification Guidelines review


From Friday 1 March for six weeks, anyone will be able to complete the survey on the BBFC website, helping to contribute to the large scale public consultation exercise the BBFC carries out every 4-5 years. The review ensures the BBFC Classification Guidelines for age rating films are in step with...

ParentPort helps parents keep children safe online


Despite a large volume of useful tips and online safety advice already being available online, this information is often fragmented and difficult to find.

MyMovies classified as right partner for BBFC


The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and MyMovies have announced an extension to their existing partnership that sees the digital agency providing a comprehensive film content and video technology service for the new BBFC website. The recently launched platform brings film ratings with...

BBFC launch new advert to promote BBFCinsight in cinemas and online


BBFCinsight gives parents a clear idea of how and why films have been rated and what issues the films contain. It is displayed on the BBFC website and free BBFC Apps under the title and running time for each film. A short summary of BBFCinsight is also printed on DVD boxes and cinema posters.

BBFC is to adjust sexual and sadistic violence policy to take into account key areas of public concern


Research carried out on behalf of the BBFC in 2002 and again in 2012 demonstrates that members of the film viewing public find unacceptable certain depictions of sexual and sadistic violence which, in their view, have the potential to cause harm.

BBFC launch new website with detailed BBFCinsight for film releases


David Cooke, Director of the BBFC says: “We designed the new website to make it easier for parents to make informed decisions about the films their children see whether at the cinema, on DVD or via download.