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Welcome to the BBFC Media Centre.  Here you can access BBFC Media Releases.

For all enquiries please contact Brittany Maher-Kirk, Senior Communications Manager. 

Tel: 0207 440 0397 E-mail:

For media requests regarding access to our archive files please include a list of the film titles you would like to research, along with their release dates. This helps us find the relevant documents for you. If you are able to provide details about your research, or reasons for your enquiry this is also helpful to us. We will check the availability of each file and contact you to arrange an appointment for you to view the records at the BBFC. We are not able to undertake any research into the contents of files on behalf of the media.

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BBFC rejects The Texas Vibrator Massacre


The Texas Vibrator Massacre takes the form of a sex work (that is to say a work whose primary purpose is sexual arousal or stimulation) based loosely upon the notorious 1974 horror film, The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

BBFC Appoints New Vice Presidents


Alison Hastings is a media consultant; a member of the BBC Trust and Chair of the Audience Council England (as Trustee for England) and a member of the Audience and Performance Committee. She is also a member of the BBC Trust's Editorial Standards Committee. She was a member of the Press...

BBFC Rejects Criticism Of Byron Games Classification Proposals


The BBFC's Director, David Cooke, today rejected criticisms from some quarters of the games industry of the Byron Report proposals for games classification. He said:

BBFC Launches Download Classification Scheme in Partnership with the Home Entertainment Industry


The BBFC has worked closely with the home entertainment industry to develop this voluntary regulatory scheme that will bring the benefits of the DVD classification system to the world of downloads and the internet. Walt Disney Studios Home Entertainment Europe, Warner Bros. and 20th Century Fox...

BBFC Tougher on Violence than US Counterpart


The BBFC is taking a tougher stance on violence in films aimed at young teenagers than the US film regulator, the MPAA (the Motion Picture Association of America). The differences are highlighted in the BBFC's 2007 Annual Report, published today. David Cooke, Director of the BBFC said:

BBFC Responds to the Byron Review


Responding to the Byron Report, David Cooke, Director of the BBFC, said:



The Board's decision to refuse a certificate to Manhunt 2 was successfully challenged on appeal to the Video Appeals Committee.  The Board challenged the VAC's decision by way of Judicial Review before the High Court, which quashed the decision on grounds of errors of law.

BBFC teams up with


The BBFC is teaming up with the UK's leading online and mobile supplier of film and film and video game related material to allow visitors to the Board's new website for parents to watch the latest film, DVD and video game trailers. will provide cinema trailers for 'U', '...

BBFC Rejects Sexually Violent DVD


The BBFC has rejected the DVD Murder Set Pieces. This means that it cannot be legally supplied anywhere in the UK. The decision was taken by the Director, David Cooke and the Presidential Team of Sir Quentin Thomas, Lord Taylor of Warwick and Janet Lewis-Jones.