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mymovies brings new CBBFC website to life with latest film trailers and imagery

The British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) and mymovies have extended their existing partnership to see the digital agency providing the latest film trailers, posters and artwork for the new BBFC website for children, CBBFC.  

Date 05/12/2013

The recently launched CBBFC website provides child and family friendly information about BBFC age ratings, BBFCinsight and how the BBFC works, alongside educational games like ‘Rate a Trailer’, where children can test how much they know about film classification. The website also provides resources for parents including Frequently Asked Questions about choosing films for children. mymovies is helping to bring the website to life by providing the latest film trailers and imagery for family films classified U, PG and 12A. They also provide artwork from films classified 15, to help illustrate information about age ratings for older children and adults.

All mymovies film trailers used on the CBBFC and main BBFC website are age rated by BBFC Examiners. To protect younger children from any content that might be unsuitable for them, only trailers rated U, PG and 12A are available on the CBBFC website.

Film content is central to the BBFC’s role in providing detailed information about every film they rate, allowing the public to make informed entertainment choices. The new CBBFC website is designed to help educate children about age ratings and BBFCinsight, the detailed information the BBFC provides about every film it rates. BBFCinsight gives parents a clear idea of how and why films have been rated and what issues the films contain, and can be used to help children choose films that are right for them.

Lucy Brett, Head of Education at the BBFC, said: “By working with mymovies we’ve created a website for children that not only provides valuable educational information but also engaging and exciting film content and imagery that children have come to expect from film and entertainment websites designed for their age groups. Games like ‘Rate a Trailer’ are integral to showing children how film classification works and helping them to understand how they and their parents can make decisions about what they watch.”

mymovies and the BBFC also worked together on providing trailer and artwork content for the new BBFC website which launched in 2012 and further content creation projects including a theatrical and online trailer to promote the BBFC centenary “Uncut” film season, held at the BFI in November 2012.

Nick Austin, Digital Director at mymovies, said: “We’re excited to renew and build upon our relationship with the BBFC, expanding our content services to include movie stills and helping to connect key family releases with consumers, whilst simultaneously driving engagement for the BBFC’s exemplary range of educational tools”



Press Contact for mymovies.Net Ltd: Nick Austin (Digital Director)
T: 020 7940 4916

Press Contact for BBFC: Catherine Anderson (Press & Public Relations Officer)
T: 0207 440 3285 (out of hours: 07946 423719)

Note to Editors

About mymovies

Since its launch in 1998, mymovies has become the market leader in providing entertainment video solutions, ensuring brands and content owners connect with relevant audiences across multiple platforms and devices.

They work with content owners to get their most powerful marketing assets - trailers and AV content - rapidly distributed to exactly when and where people want to watch them. Backed by strong editorial, high production values and top talent access, their business delivers trailers, movie shows, premiere reports and star interviews, with supporting metadata and imagery, to in excess of 25 million people a month.

mymovies are known for connecting audiences to the best content and lead the way in maximising video performance and revenue. For further information, please visit

About the BBFC
The BBFC is an independent, private, not-for-profit company which classifies films, video on all physical formats (DVD and Blu-ray Disc for example) and certain video games, advertisements and trailers.  The BBFC operates transparent, well-understood and trusted co-regulatory and self-regulatory classification regimes, such as its digital video service, based on years of expertise and published Guidelines which reflect public opinion and the risk of harm; and is accountable to Parliament.

The BBFC App, available for iPhone and Android devices is also updated with BBFCinsight and can be downloaded for free.

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