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BBFC releases podcast mini series celebrating redesigned age rating symbols

  • The series showcases each of the BBFC’s age ratings, from U to 18

  • Released to coincide with the newly designed BBFC age rating symbols

  • The podcasts will be released from Monday 11 November

Date 08/11/2019

For the first time, the British Board of Film Classification (BBFC) is releasing a mini series of daily podcasts based on the iconic age rating symbols, starting with U and ending with 18. 

The podcasts trace the BBFC’s history all the way back to its inception in 1912, celebrate the age rating symbols, look at how they have evolved and explore what they mean today. 

The series marks the launch of the BBFC’s brand new age rating symbols, which have been redesigned for the first time since 2002 and can now be seen in cinema and online. The podcasts have been produced to reflect on the symbols themselves and consider how they have changed, both in design and meaning. 

Each episode highlights various classification issues faced at each category, explores how people’s opinions influence our guidelines and explains how parents can use our ratings info to ensure they are viewing what's right for them and their family.  

Starting from Monday 11 November, the daily series provides insight into the classification process behind popular films, from Jaws (1975) and Watership Down (1978) to Hereditary (2018) and The Lion King (2019). They also discuss how age rating symbols are influenced by shifting attitudes and how the BBFC adapt these so that people can make informed choices wherever they are.

Lucy Brett, Head of Education for the BBFC and a guest on the PG podcast, said: “These podcasts are a treasure trove for anybody who is interested in film classification or wants to know more about the BBFC. They include snippets from original BBFC reports, as well as insider knowledge on the classification process.

“Our series of podcasts along with our brand new digital guide for parents, provide a great resource for everyone navigating the age ratings to choose films for themselves or their family by providing details on how to identify our age rating symbols, access ratings info on our website and identify key issues such as threat, violence and discrimination.”

Join us as we celebrate our age rating symbols, discuss a variety of different films and genres, and provide insider knowledge from the people who rate them. 

Listen to the BBFC podcast on Spotify, Soundcloud and on our website.

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