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BBFC Digital Age Ratings

How can I choose appropriate films, TV and music videos for my family to watch online on their computers, tablets, games console and smartphones?

The BBFC works with a number of on demand services to provide trusted age ratings for video content available for download and streaming online. Some of these platforms also provide parental controls allowing parents to make available to their children films with an appropriate age rating for them. The BBFC and home entertainment industry recognise that this is helpful to parents when both they and their children are selecting film or TV content to stream or download.

For more information about the pilot to age rate music videos online, visit our Online Music Videos page


Why are digital age ratings useful?

Providing BBFC age ratings for online content allows viewers to make the same informed viewing and purchasing choices for themselves and their families when using Digital Video Services, as they do when visiting the cinema or renting or buying DVDs and Blu-ray.

In 2011 the BBFC commissioned some research which showed a public demand for the same BBFC ratings to be available for online content as for DVDs and Blu-rays in shops and for films at the cinema. The research found that 82% of parents prefer to download films that are classified with the trusted BBFC age ratings, symbols and BBFCinsight information. This research is available on our research page.

Online services and other places using BBFC age ratings

The BBFC age ratings can be found on a number of Video-on-Demand platforms, content producers, film studios and airlines. These include:


Amazon Instant Video/Prime Instant Video

BFI Player

British Airways High Life


Curzon Home Cinema


EE Film Store 

Find Any

Google Play

Google web search

iTunes Movie Store


Rakuten TV

Soho Theatre On Demand

TalkTalk TV Store

Youtube Movies

Virgin Media

X-Box Video (Microsoft)



British Airways



Virgin Atlantic


Where can I send feedback about film or TV content I have seen via a service that uses BBFC age ratings?

If you’ve seen something on a platform, service or other provider that carries BBFC age ratings and you have feedback about the age rating you can email this to us.

Remember you can find BBFCinsight information for all content carrying a digital BBFC rating using the website search function, or by using our free BBFC App for iPhone and Android devices.

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