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BBFC reference BDM247219
Classified 07 May, 2008 .
Run Time
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Consumer Advice:Contains strong violence and language

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In ALONE IN THE DARK on Xbox 360, the player plays the role of Edward Carnaby, looking for answers to the strange supernatural events that are taking place in New York's Central Park.

The game has been rated at '15' for strong language and violence. The BBFC's guidelines state that "there may be frequent use of strong language (eg fuck)" at '15.' The game contains multiple uses of fuck. With regard to violence, the guidelines allow strong violence that "does not dwell on the infliction of pain and injury." Whilst there is plenty of violence in the game, it is all mitigated by the fantasy context in which the adventure is set and the game does not dwell on its infliction in an overt fashion. The player is faced by zombies and other supernatural, horrific creatures, and fights them off with guns, posts, spades, flamethrowers and other items that can be turned into weapons.

The game also features moments of horror, with some of the supernatural beasts that attack the protagonist arriving in fairly unexpected - and shocking - fashion.

This work was passed with no cuts made.

The main spoken language in this work is English.

Directed by
The cast for this work includes: .

When submitted to the BBFC the linear elements within the work had a running time (eg cut scenes) of an unknown duration.

This work was submitted to the BBFC by Atari Europe .

A film or video, together with associated trailers may exist in several versions and all versions known to the BBFC are listed below.

CategoryTypeDateCompanyRun TimeCutTitle
DigitalMediaDigitalMedia07/05/2008Atari EuropeALONE IN THE DARK
DigitalMediaDigitalMedia27/06/2008Atari United Kingdom LtdALONE IN THE DARK
DigitalMediaDigitalMedia09/09/2008Atari EuropeALONE IN THE DARK
Details are likely to be more complete and accurate for the version submitted most recently.
When a film is transferred to video the running time will be shorter by approximately 4% due to the differing number of frames per second. This does not mean that the video version has been cut or re-edited.
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