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BBFC reference AVV262611
Video Feature
Classified 22 January, 2010 .
Run Time 139m 19s

Consumer Advice:Contains strong battle violence

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RED CLIFF is a subtitled Chinese (Mandarin) period action drama set in China when China was divided into the 'Three Kingdoms' (220 AD to 280 AD). It charts a particularly turbulent period through a series of battles, from the perspective of Zhou Yu, a brilliant military strategist.

It was passed '15' for strong battle violence which is occasionally bloody.

Battle scenes are epic with thousands of soldiers armed with swords or spears and shields, charging and slashing on foot or horseback, and endless lines of archers releasing arrows so numerous that they block out the sunlight. Fiery canon balls are hurled into the enemy. Flaming boats are used to ram enemy ships. Notable violence incidents include frequent sword-stabs and -slashes which result in blood spurts flying into the air and hitting the camera lens although there is no dwelling on blood or injury. Because of the use of flaming arrows, fiery canon balls and boats set on fire which ram the enemy ships, there are some images of men on fire and many spectacular explosions. These elements fall within '15' Guidelines which permit strong violence which does not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury, and strong threat and menace.

During the battle scenes, some horses are shown falling awkwardly. With one exception, which has been cut from the film, the BBFC is satisfied with the company's reassurances that no horses were injured and that various provisions were made to ensure their safety during the making of the film.

Also present is a lengthy but purely impressionistic sex scene which plays out as tender and loving. There is no nudity although there is sight of bare backs, legs and arms entwined. Such details are permitted under '15' guidelines which say that sexual activity may be portrayed but without strong detail.

This work was cut. The cut(s) were Compulsory. To obtain this category cuts of 0m 6s were required.

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The main spoken language in this work is Mandarin.

Directed by John Woo
The cast for this work includes: Chen Chang, Yong Ho, Jun Hu, Tong Jiang, Takeshi Kaneshiro, Tony Leung Chiu Wai, Chilling Lin, Shido Nakamura, Wei Zhau.

When submitted to the BBFC the work had a running time of 139m 25s.

This work was submitted to the BBFC by Entertainment in Video Ltd .
Entertainment in Video Ltd identified this work as 4.5 FEATURE PART 1

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This work is made up of a number of separate components.
Note that since February 2001 the BBFC has measured each component separately, but older works may not have the exact details, only a list of titles.
01:54:04:12 RED CLIFF
00:25:14:21 (RED CLIFF) (PART 2)
A film or video, together with associated trailers may exist in several versions and all versions known to the BBFC are listed below.

CategoryTypeDateCompanyRun TimeCutTitle
VideoVideo22/01/2010Entertainment in Video Ltd139m 19sYesRED CLIFF
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