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TOP DOG (2014)

TOP DOG <span>(2014)</span> artwork

TOP DOG (2014)

Type Feature

Approx. Running minutes 93

Release dates 26/05/2014, 23/05/2014

BBFCInsight very strong language, drug misuse

Genre(s) Drama, Crime

Director(s) Martin Kemp

Cast includes Leo Gregory, Ricci Harnett, Vincent Regan, George Russo, Dannielle Brent, Lorraine Stanley, Nicole Faraday, George Sweeney, Francis Pope, Gary Lawrence, Tom Davis, Greg Walsh, Susan Penhaligon, Ryan Oliva, Andrew Dowbiggin, Jason Flemyng

Cut All known versions of this work passed uncut.

BBFCinsight publication date 13/05/2014

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

TOP DOG is a crime drama about a London hooligan gang leader who clashes with a rival gang.


There is very strong language ('c**t'), some of which is used aggressively and accompanied by violence. There is also frequent strong language ('f**k') and some moderate and mild bad language, including 'prick', 'wankers', 'tosser', 'bloody', 'bastard', 'shit', 'piss', 'dicks', 'balls', 'bugger', 'bollocks', 'arse', 'arsehole', 'dickhead', 'Christ', 'Jesus', 'god and 'hell'.


Drug misuse includes a scene where a criminal snorts cocaine off a woman's exposed buttocks. There are also scenes where men snort cocaine.

There are scenes of violence, which include repeated punches, kicks and bottles being smashed over people's heads. In one scene, a car is deliberately, repeatedly driven at a man who is killed by the final impact. Injury detail is limited. There is also a scene in which a man and woman have sex. Sexualised female nudity features in a scene in a club where there are women with their breasts exposed. The film also contains some unendorsed discriminatory language.


Cinema, DVD
Universal Pictures (UK) Ltd,Munro Film Services
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