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Friday, 15 June 2012
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Studio Canal
Release date: 
Friday, 17 August 2012
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116m 25s
Sarah Polley
Michelle Williams,Seth Rogen,Sarah Silverman,Luke Kirby,Aaron Abrams
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Contains strong sex, sex references and language
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<p>TAKE THIS WALTZ is a drama about a young woman who is married to a cookbook writer but who falls in love with a local artist. The film was classified '15' for strong sex and language.</p><p>The film contains around 15 uses of strong language. This exceeds the level of infrequent strong language that may be permitted at '12A' but is allowable at '15' where the BBFC's Guidelines state 'There may be frequent use of strong language (for example, 'fuck')'. There is one sex scene that shows a naked couple having sex in various positions. We see breast and buttock nudity as a man thrusts on top of a woman and also as the woman bounces up and down on his lap in a chair. Although they are both naked, there is no genital detail and the scene illustrates the 'honeymoon period' of their relationship in which sex plays a central role, to be replaced later by companionship. The scene is permissible at '15' where the Guidelines state 'Sexual activity may be portrayed without strong detail' and 'Nudity may be allowed in a sexual context but without strong detail'. There is a scene in a cafe in which a man describes his sexual desires to the woman he loves, referring to a range of sexual acts, including oral sex and ejaculation. The Guidelines at '15' state 'There may be strong verbal references to sexual behaviour'.</p><p>The film also includes a scene in which a woman laughs so much that she urinates in a swimming pool, which turns blue in reaction to it. There are several images of naked women in the communal showers at the swimming pool, but their nudity is not sexualised. Finally, one character who is a recovering alcoholic occasionally refers to the downsides of her addiction and the support she gets from her family and friends in remaining sober.</p>

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Tuesday, 7 August 2012
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