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MA VIE EN ROSE artwork


Type of media Film

Approved Running time 89m 1s

Release date 24/10/1997

Director(s) Alain Berliner

Cast includes Michele Laroque, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey, Helene Vincent, Georges Du Fresne, Daniel Hanssens, Laurence Bibot

Cut This work was passed uncut.

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

MA VIE EN ROSE is a French language drama, subtitled in English, about a young boy who wants to grow up to be a woman. Told from a child’s perspective, the film explores his family’s discomfort, and people’s lack of understanding and tolerance of young Ludovic’s ideas of his gender and identity. The film was first classified in 1997, when the 12A category had yet to be introduced. It was therefore rated 12 for the theme of gender issues, threat of domestic violence, and some strong language.

At one point in the film there is a single use of strong language, the term ‘p***k’. The discriminatory term ‘bent’ is occasionally used by Ludovic’s classmates, to insult him, but the film’s theme of transgender and gender issues is handled sensitively and responsibly throughout. Other language is more moderate, with uses of ‘bloody’ and ‘shits’.

The language used is sometimes aggressive in tone, with a sense of menace and threat in the family home, as Ludovic’s determination to become a girl causes real problems for the family with their employers and neighbours, and at his school. There is a growing sense of frustration and anger from his parents. In one scene his father, unable to understand and come to terms with his son’s behaviour, pushes his wife over the couch and later raises his fist to her. However, the tone is occasionally lightened by some elements of fantasy, such as the appearances of a life-sized Monde De Pam (Pam being the equivalent of Barbie), who acts as a type of fairy godmother to Ludovic.

12A/12 means that the film is suitable for people aged 12 or older. Anyone younger than 12 may only see it in the cinema if accompanied by an adult.


M.I.H.K. Ltd.
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89m 1s
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