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KILLERS artwork


Type of media Film

Approved Running time 137m 47s

Release date 04/07/2014

BBFCInsight very strong bloody violence, torture, very strong language

Genre(s) Horror, Thriller

Director(s) The Mo Brothers

Cast includes Rin Takanashi, Oka Antara, Kazuki Kitamura, Ray Sahetapy, Luna Maya, Epy Kusnandar

Cut This work was passed uncut.

BBFCinsight publication date 24/06/2014

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

KILLERS is a Japanese and Indonesian language thriller with English subtitles, about the online relationship between a Tokyo serial killer and a Jakarta vigilante who post footage of their killings on the internet.


Very strong and bloody violence includes a woman, who has been kidnapped and tied up with a plastic bag secured over her head, being killed by several blows to the head with a hammer. We subsequently see her body being dissolved in acid by the killer. Later, he eats what appears to be bloody human flesh from another victim. There is also close-up detail of a man slitting his own throat with a large knife, and a bloody sequence in which a man is stabbed in the throat and the knife held in place for a long time before he dies. There is focus on some of the victims being terrorised before they are killed and their terror and murders being filmed and posted on the internet.


Aggressive uses of very strong language ('c**t'), as well as frequent uses of strong language ('f**k').

Further issues include the discovery of a child being kept prisoner in the home of a paedophile, with injuries suggesting the child has been tortured. There is also some hard drug use as a character snorts cocaine.

This work contains flashing images which may affect viewers who are susceptible to photosensitive epilepsy.


Lions Gate UK Ltd
Classified date(s)
Main language
English, Indonesian, Japanese
Submitted run time
137m 47s
Approved footage
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