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Type of media Film

Approved Running time 100m 10s

Release date 15/03/2013

BBFCInsight Contains moderate sex references and violent stunts

Genre(s) Comedy

Director(s) Don Scardino

Cast includes Steve Carell, Jim Carrey, Olivia Wilde, James Gandolfini

Cut This work was passed uncut.

BBFCinsight publication date 05/03/2013

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

THE INCREDIBLE BURT WONDERSTONE is a comedy about Las Vegas stage magicians. It is rated 15 for moderate sex references and violent stunts.

One of the characters performs a variety of violent stunts as part of his edgy routine. These include cutting his own cheek with a knife and putting his fingers into the wound, burning his arm to sear writing into his skin, and drilling into his own head with a domestic drill. Although he is presented as an extreme and over-the-top character, he is also popular and successful and the self-harming he performs as part of his act is encouraged by his audience and staff. In addition to the actual scenes of self-harming, another character refers to these extreme performances in a manner that some viewers may find offensive, commenting that "All he does is mumble and cut himself. Anyone can do that. My niece does that!". The edgy performer refers to himself as a 'Brain Rapist' and there are a number of uses of the word 'rapist' throughout the film, for example on the T shirts of his crew. Although this is not a direct reference to sexual violence, the term has the potential to offend.

The film also contains other moderate sex references, including a reference to a magician 'doing' his assistant and to making a woman sign a contract in which she consents to 'sex acts'. There is also a reference to a woman's mother being a 'whore'.

There is a single use of strong language ('f**k') as well as various uses of milder bad language, including 'asshole', 'shit', 'piss', 'crap' and 'bastard'.

Part of the plot concerns magicians using a drug to render the audience unconscious, but the drug in question is fictional and there is no realistic portrayal or promotion of drug abuse.

No-one younger than 15 may see a 15 rated film in the cinema. No-one younger than 15 may rent or buy a 15 rated video or DVD.


Warner Brothers Entertainment UK Ltd
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100m 10s
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