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Type of media Film

Approved Running time 83m 55s

Release date 08/04/2009

BBFCInsight Contains moderate violence

Genre(s) Action, Adventure

Director(s) James Wong

Cast includes Justin Chatwin, Joon Park, Chow Yun-Fat, Emmy Rossum, James Marsters, Ernie Hudson, Texas Battle, Eriko, Ian Whyte, Jon Valera

Cut This work was passed uncut.

BBFCinsight publication date 29/03/2009

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION is a live-action fantasy adventure film about a young man with martial arts training who has to prevent an evil Lord from gaining possession of seven Dragonballs which give their owner unlimited powers. It was passed 'PG' for moderate violence.

PG violence guidelines state that 'Moderate violence, without detail, may be allowed, if justified by its setting (eg historic, comedy or fantasy)'. The violence in this film often occurred within a clearly fantastical context where characters were imbued with magical powers as they fought each other or imaginary creatures. The violence in all of these scenes was rapidly edited and lacked detail as many of the blows were impressionistic and some of the killings (eg a woman forced to her knees and apparently shot) occurred offscreen following brief establishment of the incidents and some of the violent action scenes featured comedic elements that diluted the overall impact. None of the violence featured the type of detail or realism that was likely to disturb a child aged around eight or older, although this and some scenes that featured scary monsters threatening or attacking humans and which included the apparent death of one of the main characters who is subsequently resurrected may upset younger or more sensitive children so the work was not allowable at 'U'.

DRAGONBALL EVOLUTION also contains one use of mild language ('crap').

Precuts information

During post-production, the distributor sought and was given advice on how to secure the desired classification. Following this advice, certain changes were made prior to submission

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

This film was originally shown to the BBFC in an unfinished version. The BBFC advised the company that the film was likely to receive a '12A' classification but that the requested 'PG' certificate could be achieved by making changes to a number of scenes. In particular the BBFC suggested that gun threat to, and violence against, a woman should be reduced; a close-up and slow-motion impact shot in kick to face should be removed; a leaping kick to face in a fight scene should be removed; dismembering of fantasy creatures in fight scene should be made largely indistinct; the 'horror' effects in the transformation of the hero into a creature should be reduced; and the focus on throttling of a character should also be reduced. When the finished version of the film was submitted, amongst other limited changes, all these reductions had been made satisfactorily and the film was classified 'PG'.


20th Century Fox Film Co. Ltd
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83m 55s
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