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DOGGED (2017)

DOGGED <span>(2017)</span> artwork

DOGGED (2017)

Type Unknown

Approx. Running minutes 116

Release dates 09/07/2018

BBFCInsight strong gory violence

Genre(s) Thriller, Horror

Director(s) Richard Rowntree

Cast includes Sam Saunders, Rosemary Smith, Debra Leigh-Taylor, Tony Manders

Cut All known versions of this work passed uncut.

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

DOGGED is a horror thriller in which a man returns to the island where he grew up to attend a funeral, and finds that a murderous cult is at large.


Scenes of strong gory violence include one in which a man's heart is cut out of his chest during a ritualistic ceremony.

A young woman is cornered by an older brother who appears to try and initiate sexual contact with her. There is a scene in which it is implied a couple are having sex in the back of a car. Other sex references include a crude limerick about a man fellating himself. There is a reference to a man who 'did one too many tabs of acid'. There is also strong language ('f**k').


Left Films Ltd
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