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CONTRABAND <span>(2011)</span> artwork


Type Feature

Approx. Running minutes 107

Release dates 16/03/2012

BBFCInsight Contains strong language, once very strong, strong violence & hard drug use

Genre(s) Thriller

Director(s) Baltasar Kormákur

Cast includes Mark Wahlberg, Kate Beckinsale

Cut All known versions of this work passed uncut.

BBFCinsight publication date 27/01/2012

Note: The following text may contain spoilers

CONTRABAND is a thriller about a man undertaking a final mission to smuggle forged banknotes into the USA in order to raise money to save his family from a murderous drug dealer. The film was classified '15' for a single use of very strong language, frequent strong language, strong violence and hard drug use.

In a key scene the hero has a confrontation with a man with whom he has a long history of enmity. He makes an extremely crude comment about the man's wife in an attempt to provoke him, including one use of very strong language. The BBFC's Guidelines at '15' state 'There may be frequent use of strong language (for example, 'fuck'). The strongest terms (for example, 'cunt') may be acceptable if justified by the context'. The film also contains multiple uses of strong language.

The violence consists mostly of shootings, with some bloody wounds and sight of injuries. There is also a sequence in which a woman has her head smashed into a mirror, leaving her with a bleeding wound on her forehead. The Guidelines at '15' state 'Violence may be strong but should not dwell on the infliction of pain or injury'. The violence is strong and occasionally bloody but it does not dwell on detail.

Finally, there are frequent references to hard drugs and some scenes in which packets of drugs are seen being sold and concealed. There is also one scene in which a man is seen snorting cocaine. The Guidelines at '15' allow for drug taking to be shown provided the film as a whole does not promote or encourage drug misuse. The drug taking is shown in a negative light and is not glamorised.


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