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Pre-booking express

Pre-Booking Express (PBE) is a fast-track service where customers can pre-book a viewing slot for a work and receive a category decision at an agreed time.

What can/can't I submit?

Works that can be submitted as PBE include Theatrical, Video, Digital-only (Watch & Rate) and Public Information/Campaigning Films. The content of these works should be straightforward to classify and uncontroversial in nature. Works which raise novel or difficult classification or legal issues are unlikely to be acceptable.

Please note student films are not elligible for PBE.

If you are unsure if your work is suitable to be processed as PBE please read the full scheme details pdf below or contact the customer helpline.

All works are subject to the standard technical requirements.

How do I make a booking?

In order to make a booking please make an entry on our extranet service.

If you do not have an account you may request one here.

Bookings can be made for any future date provided at least two working days’ notice is given between booking and the viewing slot itself.

Bookings are subject to availability and are taken on a first-come, first-served basis. You must select either an AM or a PM session.

There is no limit on runtime or number of elements for video works. Particularly complex works such as those with many elements or interactive features are only acceptable if they are delivered in enough time for the work to be processed before viewing.

Theatrical works should be 180 minutes or less in running time. Alternatively one film and up to four trailers can be seen during each slot however the total run time for the bookings can not exceed 180 minutes.

Theatrical works can be booked in the BBFC’s theatre or in a screening room within 2 miles of the BBFC’s premises. Trailers can only be booked in for internal viewing slots. Please contact the customer helpline to provide details of external bookings.

When do I need to send my work in?

  • Bookings starting in an AM session: 3pm the working day before that session (or 4pm for works of 5 minutes or less).
  • Bookings starting in a PM session: 9.30am on the day of that session (or 11am for works of 5 minutes or less).

For theatrical works seen at an outside screening room, delivery times are dependent on the submission format. For full details please refer to the full scheme details or contact the customer helpline.

If media items are not received by these deadlines, the PBE slot will be forfeited.

How much does it cost?

PBE attracts a slightly higher fee than standard submissions. Details of fees and service charges are available here.

Is there anything else I need to consider?

Please make sure to read the full scheme rules available below.

Please note bookings for non-English language works are subject to the availability of suitable interpreters.

As long as a work is suitable for the PBE service, the classification details will be available to view on the Extranet according to the following deadlines:

  • For works being examined in an AM session: 2pm the same day.
  • For works in a PM session: 6pm the same day.
  • For works whose running time requires them to be examined across more than one viewing slot, the decision will be delivered at the deadline relevant to the last viewing slot in question.

Please note that if the work is deemed unsuitable for the PBE service due to its content, the work will transfer into the standard submission process and all deadlines for delivering a category decision will become null and void.

The title of the work for classification purposes will be the title that appears on screen. If this differs from the submitted title, a title problems letter will not be issued.

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