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Fee Tariff

The Accounts department can be contacted on 020 7440 0371 / 0389 or at

There is also a fee calculator available here which can give you an estimate as to the total cost of having a work classified.

The BBFC is making changes to its fees from 1 January 2015. This will also affect works submitted in 2014 if the content is delivered in 2015. Click here to see more information about the new tariff. 
At the same time we will be making changes to how we charge customers for amending their bookings after the initial submission. This includes withdrawals, cancellations, late media delivery and rescheduling, and could affect the final price you pay for your work. Click here to familiarise yourself with these changes before you make your next submission.

Type of Work



For more info on video submissions click here.


Features, trailers and advertisements.Fixed charge of £75 per submission plus £6.00 per minute for full length of
Content-identical video version of classified theatrical feature.25% reduction on existing tariff.
Pre-Booking Express.Standard relevant tariff + 10% (running time charges rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes, works under 5 mins rounded up to 5 mins).


For more info on theatrical submissions click here.


Features, trailers and advertisements.Fixed charge of £100 per submission plus £7.00 per minute for full length of work.
Content-identical 2D version of classified 3D (DCP or IMAX) works.50% of standard tariff.
DCP file containing both 3D and 2D versions submitted at the same time3D version will be charged at the standard rate. 2D version will receive charge of £100 + VAT.
Pre-Booking Express.Standard relevant tariff + 20% (running time charges rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes, works under 5 mins rounded up to 5 mins).  Not available for Student Films.
As LiveFixed charge of £100 + VAT
Student Short Film0-20 mins   £50 + VAT
 21-40 mins £100 + VAT

Video Games

For more info on video games click here.


Pornographic game content and ancillary games on video releases require a standard BBFC certificate.The Board will assess the amount of time that it will take to examine the work submitted and will charge a fee in accordance with the tariff scale shown opposite. The Boards assessment and its decision as to the appropriate tariff for the work will be final. Fixed charge of £300 per submission plus £6.00 per minute for full length
of work.

Video Games


Classification of linear content including TV material created for video games; video rewards for completing certain tasks or levels within a game; or other video content which does not contribute to the narrative drive of the video game will be submitted by the VSC on behalf of games publishers.  75% of standard Video fee.

Advice Viewings

For more info on advice viewings click here.

 All Works (Excluding Watch & Rate)

Features, trailers, advertisements and student shorts.75% of the standard fee.
Script guidance£100 or £7 per page (whichever is greater)


For more info on packaging click here.


All Works£25

Comparisons / Re-registration

For more info on comparisons click here.


Change of distributor or technical comparison for all video works or a 2D comparison of a previously classified stereoscopic 3D video work.Fixed charge of £75 per submission plus £150 for works longer than 25 minutes.
 Works under 25 minutes will be charged at the normal standard viewing fee of a £75 fixed charge plus £6.00 per minute for the full length of the work.
Change of distributor for Cinema Film / Reclassification of cinema film with modern category50% of standard fee

Cancellation and Withdrawal*


Video and Film cancellation charges (see below)£100.00
Reactivate title withdrawn by Board due to non response to mail shot£150.00



Duplicate Black category card or other paperwork£10.00 per item

Charity Rate**


For UK registered Charities only30% of the standard rate.

BBFC Digital Services

For more info on Digital Services click here.


Classification FeesDigital Ratings (“Watch & Rate”)
Submission Fee£20.00
Per Minute Fee£2.50
Pre-Booking ExpressStandard tariff + 10% (running time charges rounded up to the nearest 15 minutes, works under 5 minutes rounded up to 5 minutes) NOTE: Any PBE fees are not offset during subsequent VRA classification)
Technical Comparison and/or Distributor change for W&R works£150 + £20 submission fee (VOD-only certificate)
VRA classification for identical work previously rated under Watch & RateVRA Classification fees LESS Watch & Rate fees
 NOTE: Standard costs for digital age ratings are offset if (1) the same work is later submitted for a DVD/Blu-ray age rating under the VRA and (2) if we were able to archive the original submission (streaming works cannot be archived). Any PBE fees are not offset during subsequent VRA submission.  
Interpreter FeesAny additional fees related to works that require an interpreter will be passed on to the customer. The BBFC will confirm these additional fees before proceeding with your submission. For more information on works that require an interpreter click here.
Cuts and ResubmissionsThere is no additional charge for requesting a cuts list for your rated work. Checks of resubmitted works to ensure that the cuts have been made will not be charged. Full details can be found here.

BBFC Digital Platform License Fees


Digital Video Platforms and ServicesUp to 100 titles:        No licence fee
 101 to 250 titles:           £500 p.a.
 251 to 1,000 titles:        £1,000 p.a.
 1,000 to 5,000 titles:     £2,000 p.a.
 More than 5,000 titles:   £4,000 p.a.
 Those joining outside January are charged a pro-rata rate.

The above fees are subject to VAT at the prevailing rate.

*Cancellation fee

A cancellation fee is payable when a work is withdrawn from the classification process or when prepayment has not been received within ninety days of the date on the pro-forma invoice. At this point the work will be disposed of by the BBFC. New submissions from that company will not be progressed until payment of the handling/ cancellation fee is received.

Works will be automatically withdrawn by the BBFC if no response is received to letters/emails issued. These will also be charged the withdrawal fee.

If any work has progressed through the process beyond the initial stages the fee payable may be higher than the withdrawal fee to cover the work performed.

Theatrical works cancelled within 24 hours of the day they are due to be examined, irrespective of the time of screening, will attract a full cancellation fee without exception.

**The Charity rate is available only to charities registered in the UK.

New Customers

All new companies submitting work for DVD release are required to send payment in with their submission(s).
All new companies requiring classification for cinema release are required to have funds in place with the Board before booking their work in.

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