Teacher guide

Welcome to the BBFC Education Resources for Teachers! If you've got this far, you'll have a good idea as to what this section is all about.

We have integrated our education websites into the main BBFC offering to ensure a huge range of information is available all in one place. Alongside our resources for students written by BBFC staff, you can utilise all the information on this site to find out more about our work from our news releases, research documents and other downloads, and listen to our Podcasts, along with searching for detailed information (from cut times to BBFCinsight) on any film that has ever been classified.

The Student Guide and Timelines detailing famous decisions, key films and socio-historical commentary on the Board and its history is still here and we've added a new interactive element Rate A Trailer which enables students to analyse film trailers and compare their views and rating decisions with remarks from BBFC examiners.

You can also use the site to request a speaker from the BBFC comes to your school, to book places in our in house seminars, and to research our files.

A crucial factor in helping to make the new site a success is your feedback. We not only want to know what you think of the site but welcome any suggestions for content or other comments. Please feel free to contact us with your thoughts.