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Have your say in Film Education's Young Film Critic Competition

Film Education’s Young Film Critic competition is now open for entries.

Date 05/05/2012

The competition aims to encourage young people to be active participants in and critical commentators on the cinema experience.  By building on the excitement and enjoyment of watching a film on the big screen the competition develops children’ ability to reflect on what they watch.  Nominees are invited to a glitzy award ceremony at BAFTA and last year the prizes included iPads, iPod touch and webcams.  

Reviews are assessed in two categories, 11 – 14 and 15 – 19.  Entrants can choose to submit a written, audio or filmed review.  The entry should between 200-250 words for written submissions or up to 2 minutes for filmed or audio.

Sensory Impaired categories are also available for all age groups.

The deadline for the competition is 21 December 2012. For more about the competition, tips on writing reviews and details how to enter please visit the Young Film Critic website.

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